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Reese Witherspoon IS (Not) MISSING!!

And I’ll bet Smokin’ Joe Carnahan wants to kick her ass as a result. In just over a month, Carnahan is set to being production on BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING, a remake of an Otto Preminger film in which a distraught woman tries to find her missing child, only to be told repeatedly that the child never existed at all. The original is a pretty sly little thriller, and there’s certainly room to do something new with the basic premise. Will audiences think it’s too similar to something like 2005’s FLIGHTPLAN? In the hands of Carnahan, I doubt it. But now Reese Witherspoon, his star, has walked off the film, meaning it’s time for Carnahan to find someone to take her place. On this timetable, Witherspoon’s leaving could seriously cripple the picture. We’ll be rooting for Carnahnan to pull this one out, but if it does implode, at least he’s already got WHITE JAZZ with George Clooney set up and ready to go. We’ll keep our eyes and ears open as news on this one continues to develop.

Drew McWeeny, Los Angeles

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