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AICN & Fantastic Fest's GIFT to SXSW & AICN Readers Alike! All You Can Eat Pizza with TMNT and director Kevin Munroe!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - and I'm ready to fucking rock it next Thursday night at the Alamo Drafthouse South! I love TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. I love it like you wouldn't believe. One of the coolest moments of my pre-AICN life was at the Dallas Comic Con - when Kevin Eastman came up and bought an Original John Severin CRACKED Summer Movie Cover Art and talked with me for about 45 minutes about his influences and loves that led him to help bring the Turtles to life with Peter Laird. I'm one of those oversized badass black & white turtle geeks. I read those earliest stories to my sister - long before the animated series and the live action series from New Line. I know the Ninja Rap and I could always ask for more. My sister though, Sister Satan - she was the Turtle Super Freak. She had a Shetland Pony she named DONATELLO, she had me draw TMNT characters and put them up all over our house. She collected the Animation Cels when they were sold at TOYS R US... and countless toys. My fave being the Universal Monsters Turtles. HOWEVER - life goes on - but Turtle Geeks remain the same, WE LOVE BEING A TURTLE!!! WE LOVE OUR PIZZA!!! And I'm Way The Fuck Jazzed About the CG TURTLE movie - and the fact that the director is doing a GATCHAMAN movie next!!! Now it is time to tell you the DETAILS of this Show. AICN with FANTASTIC FEST and THE ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE on SOUTH LAMAR have arranged a special treat for SXSW and all of you. This THURSDAY - March 15th at 10pm at the ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE on South Lamar - we'll be hosting absolutely free of charge, an ALL YOU CAN EAT PIZZA screening of TMNT!!! In addition, Kevin Munroe - the director of this latest Turtle creation will be on hand - where we can ask him why Raphael and April didn't make Tadpoles - or whatever question you had on your mind. Me, I'm asking about GATCHAMAN! SO EXCITING! HOW DO YOU GET IN? Simple - Submit an Email to HK @ AINTITCOOL.COM with the subject line: TMNT Power Then in the body - include your full name and the names of your guests (full names) and by no later than Monday - watch AICN for the GUEST LIST. This is open to you SXSW folks, FANTASTIC FEST folks and All You AICNers Out There. So get your email going - be prepared to put down some pizza and be entertained! Deal? Excellent!!!

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