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Why Doesn’t Terry Gilliam Want You To Buy TIDELAND On DVD In The US?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. I wonder if Terry Gilliam’s displeasure with this transfer has anything to do with ThinkFilm’s reluctance to send out screener copies of the disc, or if they’re just working to fix the issue already. Whatever the case, this will be worth digging further into in the weeks ahead, and for now, Brendon Connelly is on the case. Read ‘em and weep. No. Seriousy. Weep.

ThinkFilm have wantonly disregarded the mastering specifications of Terry Gilliam and butchered his film Tideland on DVD. Here's a couple of posts from film ick, the first explaining the current situation and containing statements from Terry; And the second with a statement from Nicola Pecorini, the film's cinematographer. I thought that this kind of bad mastering was behind us so far into the DVD age. PLEASE consider running a piece on this. I think ThinkFilm need to be 'named and shamed'. The statement from them in the first post above is pretty damning. Thanks for reading, Brendon
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