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Several Minutes of SPIDER-MAN 3 - Spoiler Scene in HD!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... Stayed home to catch tonight's episode of HEROES - I really can't stand the concept of waiting till sometime towards the end of next month to see the next episode. That's just fucked. They should have 52 episodes a year of that show goddamn it! Anyway - they had a brief glimpse at SPIDER-MAN 3 during a commercial break and a far longer sequence online at NBC.COM. However, when I tried to look at it the way they wanted me to - I kept getting nothing - so I peeked around and found the below solid link, and then downloaded it to my desktop so I could watch it. I suggest you do the same. Here ya go... BUT warning - there's a spoiler scene here. It kicks all sorts of ass - but its a spoiler - and it might only be online for the next 22 hours or so. So catch it if you can...

Right Click Here To Download the HD 480 Glorius QuickTime Scene from SPIDER-MAN 3!

And if that 225 megabyte download is too much - stream along here:

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