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Father Geek remembers Herman Brix...

Father Geek here. For the longest time I thought Tarzan -Olympic champion Herman Brix and handsome leading man Bruce Bennett where different actors. A co-star of one of my top 5 films of all time 1948's Treasure of the Sierra Madre as Bruce Bennett along with Bogart, Tim Holt & Walter Huston, I never thought of him as the Tarzan actor Herman Brix battling fellow olympians Buster Crabbe and Johnny Weissmuller for the jungle throne. Herman - Bruce was the lead in 35's New Adventures of Tarzan as well as Tarazan and the Green Goddess, and Tarzan in Guatemala. Bruce was in other Bogart flicks as well. He was there for Dangerous Passage, Sahara, and Invisible Stripes. He played the lady's man to Ann Sheridan's Nora Prentiss and Joan Crawford's Mildred Pierce among others. He was a regular in the 40's Lone Wolf series, but other than his role as Cody in "Treasure" I most remembered him for his ripsnorting adventure - action roles. He was one of the early "Serial" stars. Other than Tarzan he was in the 1938 Lone Ranger... Fighting Devil Dogs... Daredevils of the Red Circle and others of the type. He also populated the "B" Sci-Fi/ Horror genre of the 50s with appearances in Fiend of Dope Island , The Alligator People, The Cosmic Man, The Clones, and others. He was in 5 episodes of TV's Science Fiction Theatre back in the 1950's, and was a constant TV personality well into the 60's. He appeared on Lassie, Perry Mason, Laramie, The Texan, 77 Sunset Strip, and The Virginian. He was a regular on all the popular Drama series like The Kraft, and Dupont Theatres as well as Playhouse 90. I hate to admit it but ol' Fathergeek had assumed that Bruce left us long ago, buuuuut that's not the case. Herman Brix aka Bruce Bennett, Olympic medal winner in 28, and film actor over 140 times throughout 6 decades lived past 100 years and died just a few days ago from complications of a broken hip in Santa Monica. Thanks for all the great entertainment Bruce, with DVD you'll keep us smiling for another 100 !!

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