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Updated! We Know Who's Shooting SPEED RACER!!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Since I posted this story, I got a tip from "M For Monkey," a primate in a position to know what's what. Seems that David Tattersall is going to be the cinematographer on SPEED RACER. Seems to completely support the way of thinking that was implied by the story below, which was a tip about someone who wasn't doing the film. I know that sounds weird, but take a look... you'll see what I mean. And thanks, "M".

****** Reeeeeeeally? If this is true, it starts to make sense of what attracts the Wachowskis to SPEED RACER, a project I consider just a wee bit batshit. I mean, I know people enjoyed the cartoon. Hell, I watched it every morning before school when I was six. But as a giant-budget feature film? As long as they cast one of the Olsen Twins as Chim-Chim, I’m in. But this rumor is a fascinating one. Check it out:

Hi Harry, Just a little bit of info you may or may not want to put on the site: A friend of mine was at a seminar with DoP John Mathieson (Gladiator, Matchstick Men, Kingdom of Heaven) where he mentioned he was approached by the Wachowski Brothers to work on their latest project (Speed Racer?). Mathieson declined as the project would be largely/entirely green screen, and he has reported to have said he would rather make a Kylie Minogue video than shoot something entirely green screen. Interesting because; A, it adds to rumors that Speed Racer is going to be intensely CGI (Larry and Andy have probably had enough of shooting real cars after The Matrix Reloaded). And B, it sees the brothers are moving away from using long time collaborator Bill Pope as DoP. If you use this call me RFC. Cheers.
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