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Frank Darabont wants to say 'Howdy!' to AICNers from the set of Stephen King's THE MIST!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... There are two Darabont scripts that I'd help kill to see get made. His script for FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury. And this script for Stephen King's THE MIST. They were both perfect adaptations. In particular - his script for THE MIST is a perfect page turner. When the shit hits the fan, it's gonna get dirty, messy and shit is gonna go flying. In fact - going to see THE MIST, you should realize right from the get go... it's gonna get mean and ugly. This will be, hands down, the most viscerally horrific Stephen King adaptation yet - and I for one, can not wait. Frank sent me this fun, "Greetings to AICN-ers from me, Thomas Jane, and Norm the bag boy. (But you have to guess which one is Norm...)" Click on the pic to get it more bigger!

Of course, Norm is being played by Chris Owen! Frank is gonna be giving us a peek from time to time at glimpses of fun from within THE MIST!

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