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Harry's Annual Live Oscar Coverage 2007!!! Very State of Harry... beware

Hey folks, Harry here - watching E! awaiting Baba Wawa's Annual Oscar special - then - the main show - The 2007 Academy Awards Ceremony. This is the 10th year that I've covered the Oscars in this fashion - and nearly every year we end up tormenting AICN's servers - as this is one of the few places where you get live coverage of the Oscar Telecast. In addition to me - there's all of you in Talkback, where you can post your feelings - positive and negative to the Oscar Cast - as well as the commentary I provide... and that of your fellow Talkbackers. I've only heard from one nominee today, Guillermo Del Toro - he told me that he's very calm about it all, but that he feels that how well PAN'S LABYRINTH has done at the Box Office, becoming the highest grossing Spanish Language film in U.S. History... Making nearly 30 times as much as his last Spanish Language film, DEVIL'S BACKBONE - has been amazing for him. Of course, I'm rooting like crazy. Al & Tipper Gore are talking to the red carpet freak from E!. How many of you catch all this insanity? Wow - the actress from BABEL is stunning. Here we go... The Glam-a-strator... LOL the E! wench just spazzed over Jennifer Lopez. Meanwhile I'm going crazy over Rinko from BABEL - she's stunning and her performance was amazing. ------------------- btw - constant coverage doesn't begin till the formal OSCAR BROADCAST - Till then, I'll Occassionally be dropping in. ------------------- Eddie Murphy on Baba wules. _______________________ OSCAR TELECAST 2007 This opening just isn't doing it for me. They've got cameras in places they've never had them before? BATHROOMS? ----------------------- Just had the first server hiccup... could be a long night. -- Eddie Murphy needs to do Zombie Buckwheat in an Older Korean War era Little Rascals in War Horror film. YIPPEE - Guillermo -- Cuaron's exchange rate answer was friggin awesome. Oooooh Winslet! She's one of the great fantasies of cool people like me. -------------- Oscar Opening -- I like this Nominee opening. How has Peter O'toole never won. GO FORREST!!! Lol Eddie ... "it'd be great if it were a feature" - lol... PAN'S LABYRINTH guy whistling is awesome... and they're holding that - ... LOTS OF LIGHTS - Nominees standing is a very cool idea. I hate Ellen - I just want to get that out of the way, but let's see how she does. She's very jittery - more like my nightmare, Ellen. She's got the Velvet version of Barack Obama fashion going. The Too many British thing is the first joke that rocked. I like that there wasn't some sort of Billy Crystal opening song thing... Ok - I'm starting to like her. Oh no. I feel like I'm betraying my natural instinctual hatred for her. Al Gore joke was awesome. OH NO - She's got a tambourine.... that's kinda lame. Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman come out to present ART DIRECTION... The Nominees - PIRATES, PAN'S, DREAMGIRLS, THE GOOD SHEPARD, THE PRESTIGE..... Go Pan's.... THE WINNER IS: PAN'S LABYRINTH!!!! WOW - I wanted it to win, but I honestly didn't feel it'd win this one. I hope this is a trend! Maggie Gylennhaal doing the Science and Tech Awards... Shadow Oscar is fucking Creepy! I want an iPhone Will Ferrell - A Comedian at the Oscars... heh... THIS FUCKING RULES!!! LOL -- I'm gonna beat you down with my Nick award. Heh. John C Reilly from the audience... The Quadraplegic Hamlet Teacher starring Will Ferrell would be the funniest fucking film ever. This is the sort of musical number that I wanted!!! Acheivement in MAKE-UP OSCARE Apocalypto, CLICK and Pan's Labyrinth... And THE WINNER IS.... PAN'S LABYRINTH -- Mexican Flags in the Audience!!!! THat's awesome!!! PIZZA ARRIVES!! What a great moment ANIMATED SHORTS by Little miss sunshine... Little Matchstick Girl should win - that's brilliant!! Oscar Goes To: THE DANISH POET - lame!!! slightly amusing. This is the first time that I've seen all of them - and I really didn't like this one. now - LIVE ACTION SHORTS - I've also seen all these - This should go to THE WEST BANK STORY - it's brilliant. Winner is: THE WEST BANK STORY!!! Awesome acceptance speech -- this is brilliant. This guy needs to direct features!!! LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA discussed by Eastwood -- I like that. The Sound Effects Choir? OH - This is amazing... they've got people doing sound effects to great movies ... I'm just stunned. This is so cool! Very weird. Steve Carrell and Greg Kinnear come out for SOUND EDITING.... is like sex. Noms - APOCALYPTO, BLOOD DIAMOND, FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS, LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA, and DeAD mAN'S CHEST -- Go Pirates!!! Oscar to LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA - this guy is nervous and very unexciting. Written things are so boring. Jessica Biel and some lucky fuck... They're out for BEST SOUND MIXING... Apocalypto, Blood Diamond, Dreamgirls, Flags of our Fathers and Pirates 2... Winner is: DREAMGIRLS!!! Yippee! Bill Condon was screwed. sigh. Rachel Wiesz comes out talking about the SUPPORTING ACTOR - Noms - Alan Arkin, Jackie Earle Haley, Honsou, and Eddie Murphy!!! GO EDDIE!! and Mark Wahlberg... Go Marky Mark! And the winner is: ALAN ARKIN - ohhhh... for LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE - the film I'm not rooting for. He should have won for ROCKETEER. Heh. I can't be mad - I love Alan... but dude - EDDIE! Eddie, my heart goes out to you. This is kinda lame - Ellen giving Scorsese the script. Too many production numbers - those shadow things - they creep me the fuck out. THE DEPARTED being talked about by nominees - very cool Randy Newman does CARS song - I hate this song. I hate this performance. They could die, now. Please - move the show along. I Hate Hate Hate This song. Melissa Etheredge singing I NEED TO WAKE UP Leo and Al Gore - this is nice, but the ORCHESTRA cut off is hilarious!!! Wow that whole last break between the commercials had nothing to do with the awards themselves. Just filler stuff. Sigh. Cameron Diaz for Animated Feature - CARS, HAPPY FEET and MONSTER HOUSE - Go Monster House Winner is HAPPY FEET. He should have won for THE ROAD WARRIOR!!! George Miller has an oscar! Ben Affleck - An Affectionate look at Writers in the movie... Montage of writer characters... This montage just doesn't seem to hit that great. For a feature on writer - it just doesn't snap. Best writer film ever - LES MAGNIFIQUE - not featured. Sigh. Helen Mirren and Tom Hanks come out to present BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAY... Noms - BORAT (fuck this), CHILDREN OF MEN (please win), THE DEPARTED (ok, you can win too), LITTLE CHILDREN (um No), NOTES ON A SCANDAL (I love this film) Oscar goes to WILLIAM MONAHAN for THE DEPARTED!!! Ok - I'm happy about this. Love Monahan's LAWERENCE OF ARABIA bit. He did a great job adapting this. Great award. That horse racing thing was stupid... and it didn't mention that PAN'S is in the lead with 2 wins, thus far. heh. Now if it can only take LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE in Screenplay. Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway on COSTUME DESIGN - I don't like either of these two. Meryl is the real actress... Noms- CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER (has to win) - THE QUEEN - DEVIL WEARS PRADA - ugh. DREAMGIRLS - I'd like this to win too. MARIE ANTOINETTE - my fiancee votes for that one. And the Oscar Goes To: MARIE ANTOINETTE. Oh I love this winner - very nervous - very cute. She's married to the owner of the Kuato belly!!! Tom Cruise presents the JEAN HERSHOLT AWARD for Humanatarian efforts. Sherry rules! Real shame that she left Paramount when she did. And she has one of the coolest husbands around in Billy Friedkin! Very nice. Getting Spielberg to take a photo of her with Clint rocks. Gwyneth Paltrow - BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY -- Noms - BLACK DAHLIA, CHILDREN OF MEN - god these are great - THE ILLUsiONisT - and PAN'S LABYRINTH and THE PRESTIGE. These are all great - I wish they'd all win. Oscar goes to - 3 for 3 -- GUILLERMO NAVARRO - AWESOME!!! AWESOME!!! My DP on FACULTY WON!!! Guillermo Del Toro - This man is one of the most awesomely nice guys I've ever met! EEEK -= CREEPY SHADOW PEOPLE!!! Naomi Watts and Iron Man come out for VISUAL EFFECTS - Noms - PIRATES - POSEIDON - SUPERMAN RETURNS Oscar goes to: PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S ChEST - Fucking A! Davy Jones wins!!! Catherine Deneauve and Ken Watanabe for BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM - Please God give it to Guillermo... please please please please.... first an impressionistic look at the 50 winners of Best Foreign film... SHOUESHINE, THE SEA INSIDE, RASHOMON, Z, LA STRADA, DAY FOR NIGHT, DERSU UZALA, ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER, THE OFFICIAL STORY, THE TIN DRUm, NO MAN'S LAND, FORBIDDEN GAMES, THE DISCREET CHARm, THE VIRGIN , WARY, Fanny Mephisto, CROUCHING TIGER, MEDITERRANO - THE BICYCYLE THIEF, 8 1/2, PELLE THE CONQUEROR, JOURNEY OF HOPE, BLACK ORPHEUS, THE WALLS of, CINEMA PARADISO, TSOTSI, , YESTERdyay, BABETTE'S FEAST, GARDEn, MADAME, BARBARAIAn, AMARCORD, A MAN AND A WOMAN, CABIRIA, CHARACTER, BURNT BY THE SUN, SHOP ON MAIN STREET, CLIVE OWEN and CATE BLANCHETT to present for FOREIGN LANGUAGE noms - AFTER THE WEDDING, DAYS OF GLORY, THE LIVES OF OTHERS, PAN'S lABYRINTH, WATER Oscar goes to - Germany THE LIVES OF OTHERS. Can't complain - I haven't seen this and now - we all will. And my heart breaks. and the shadow people make me scared and happy. George Clooney for BEST sUPPORTING ACTRESS.. Noms - BABEL, CATE BLANCHETT in NOTES ON A SCANDAL, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE - JENNIFER HUDSON, RINKO for BABEL... and the Oscar goes to: JENNIFER HUDSON for DREAMGIRLS... Yea Bill! Oh this is great. Just fantastic - Thank God again... Oh man, fantastic!!!! Gael Bernal and Eva Green... sigh... Nominees for DOCUMENTARY SHORT missed the first one, RECYCLED LIFE, REHEARSING A DREAM, TWO HANDS And the Oscar Goes To: THE BLOOD OF YINGSHOU DISTRICT. Jerry Seinfeld - to present DOCUMENTARY FEATURES Noms - DELIVER US FROM EVIL, AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, IRAQ IN FRAGMENTS, JESUS CAMP, MY COUNTRY MY COUNTRY Oscar goes to THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH - Clint Eastwood comes out - to honor Ennio Morricone - I'm just going to listen ew Celine... way to break the high I'm on. The Poetry of The Gunslinger speaking Ennio's words is just one of the most beautiful things I've seen on stage at an oscar. Wasn't prepared to have Clint translate for Morricone. Wow. Fucking Awesome. Penelope and Hugh Best Original Score -- BABEL, THE GOOD GERMAN, NOTES ON A SCANDAL, PAN'S LABYRINTH, THE QUEEN... go Pan go Pan go Pan... Oscar Goes to BABEL and Gustavo Santo... It's a great score, just isn't as hauntingly beautiful as Pan's in my mind. President of Academy sounding like Alvin talks about the ACADEMY's service. Peter Parker and Mary Jane come out to present ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY-- BABEL - LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA - LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE - PAN'S LABYRINTH I pray for you -- THE QUEEN And the Oscar goes to: LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. They're gonna make me hate this film. Shadow people again coming - scary This idiot thinks Pans won 2? What the fuck. Jennifer Lopez comes out to present DREAMGIRLS musical numbers Hudson is so damn good. And can you imagine having to come out and sing after you freaked out winning - I can't imagine. Having to be a part of this nerve rattling competition - then sing on stage... Next - Travolta and Queen Latifah original song The Inconvenient Truth - Listen (dreamgirls) - Love You I do, Our Town CARS bleh. Patience - Dreamgirls Oscar goes to Melissa Etheridge: THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH. Apparently if the song has a message you like, it beats songs that are actually good. Will Smith presents Michael mann presenting America through its movies... Ok - sorry - had to just watch Mann's cynical and truthful look at America. Awesome. Winslet comes out to present FILM EDITING Noms - BABEL, BLOOD DIAMOND, CHILDREN OF MEN, THE DEPARTED, UNITED 93 Oscar goes to THE DEPARTED - Thelma Schoonmaker gets one!!! I hope this means that THE DEPARTED gets Best Pic. let's see. Jodie Foster presents the lives lost in the last year... cry time... Glenn Ford, Bruno Kirby, Alida Valli, Betty Comden, Jane Wyatt, Don Knotts, Red Buttons, Gillo Pontecorvo, Darren McGavin, Richard Fleischer, Sven Nykvist, Joe Barbera, Tamara Dobsen, Gretchen Rau, June Allyson, Gordon Parks, Philippe Noiret, Maureen Stapleton, Jack Wild, Vincent Sherman, James Doohan, Shohei Immura, Carlo Ponti, Peter Boyle, James Glennon, Sidney Sheldon, Jack Palance, Mako, Jack Warden, Basil Poledouris, Henry Bumstead, Jay Presson Allen, Robert Altman... Phillip Seymour Hoffman comes out to present Best Actress Penelope Cruz - Volver, Judi Dench - Notes on a Scandal, Helen Mirren - The Queen, Meryl Streep - Devil Wears Prada, Kate Winslet - Little Children Oscar goes to Helen Mirren for the Queen... Morgana Won!!! That little bit at the end - felt odd. Reese Witherspoon comes out to BEST ACTOR Leo in BLOOD DIAMONDS, Ryan Gosling in HALF NELSON, PETER O'TOOLE, Will Smith, and Ghost Dog... And the winner is... FORREST WHITTAKER for THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND!!!! FUCKING GHOST DOG HAS AN ACADEMY AWARD! OH I LOVED THAT! Yes. Coppola, Lucas and Spielberg - classic - BEST DIRECTOR - Alejandro, Scorsese, Eastwood, Frears, Greengrass -- and the oscar goes to... MARTIN SCORSESE!!!!! Which could very well make this the best oscars in 20 years or more... That's an Oscar speech... I love that I have gotten to see an oscar in Scorsese's hands. That's bloody awesome. Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson to present Best Picture Babel, THE DEPARTED, Letters from Iwo Jima, Little Miss Sunshine and THE QUEEN BEST PICTURE IS THE DEPARTED!!!! Fucking Awesome.

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