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Warners Spinning Up A Live Action JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie!?!? With Writers Already Hired, 'Twould Seem So!!

Merrick here...
Warner Bros. is looking to make a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, so says THIS ARTICLE IN VARIETY. The LEAGUE has been seen in multiple permutations over the years, including animated series, a failed live-action pilot (see below), and a recent appearance on SMALLVILLE. They're far enough along to hire writers - Michele and Kieran Mulroney (Kieran is the brother of actor Dermot). Lots of questions here. Will this be stand alone, or somehow connected to a future BATMAN or SUPERMAN film? Will Superman or Batman even be included in the project? If so, would (or could) Christian Bale or Brandon Routh reprise their roles for this? Or, will we get a distractingly re-cast, parallel version of them? A SMALLVILLEized approach, perhaps? Or, will they be strategically sidestepped altogether? Where does Wonder Woman fit in, given that her movie isn't exactly plowing forward? The mind boggles with the possibilities... This project could be either disastrously awkward, or one of the coolest things to come around in quite some time. Should be a lot of fun to follow.
Ever see the unaired pilot for CBS' JUSTICE LEAGUE series? Here are a few clips:

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