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The International LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD Trailer Calls It DIE HARD 4.0!?!? Whatever...Watch It!!

Merrick again...
The international trailer for LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD is online; you can access it HERE! There are several different ways to get it - in the end, you may simply have to right click --> "Save Target As" & watch it that way. Note the multiple mirrors. This one's a touch different than the trailer we've seen already, featuring a new dialogue snippet, the explosion of a capital, more angles of a few scenes we've already had set up, and the title...DIE HARD 4.0 (once the name of this film). Guessing this what they'll call it in the international marketplace (who may not get the American "Live Free Or Die" reference). Still not convinced Wiseman's the guy for this job - but I'm dying to see this all the same.
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