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THE DARK IS RISING within 20th Century Fox... no, not Tom Rothman... the book! And it's got some new faces in the cast!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I'm totally ignorant of Susan Cooper's five-volume series THE DARK IS RISING, but the cast of the film version at 20th Century Fox is looking interesting. Newly added are Gregory Smith (SMALL SOLDIERS) as the older brother to the main character and Christopher Eccelston (28 DAYS LATER, DR. WHO, HEROES) as the main villain "The Rider." Already in the cast are newcomer Alexander Ludwig as the lead kid, who discovers he's the last of a line of warriors dedicated to fighting the forces of "The Dark," as well as the beautiful Amelia Warner, Emma Lockhart, Gary and Edmund Entin, Jonathan Jackson, John Benjamin Hickey, Frances Conroy and Ian McShane. Whooo... Any fans of the books out there? Good casting? Bad?

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