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Behold Flying, Talking Dogs - While Not On Drugs!! The UNDERDOG Teaser Is Here!!

Merrick again...
Disney has posted the trailer for UNDERDOG! It shows the doggie flying, the doggie talking, and the doggie fighting crime! Maybe it's just this video format...but the movie doesn't look as cheap as I expected! Doesn't mean it's gonna work, though. In a movie like this, tone will be everything - so we'll see. And, since folks are already upset about Underdog not wearing pants (what kind of world do we live in when a dog wearing pants is the subject of controversy?), it's important that the movie doesn't deviate too radically from its source material...which it may have already done. Seems Disney is sticking with the "One Nation Under Dog" tag line, which I like quite a bit. I can only assume this will whip religious zealots into a frenzy at some point soon - which should be quite amusing & give the film all kinds of added exposure and publicity. The trailer spools up as soon as the page loads - to rewatch the trailer you'll need to reload the page. SEE IT HERE!
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