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UPDATED WITH CLEARER IMAGE!! British Paper Reveals Keith Richards In PIRATES 3!!

Merrick here... Bilge Rat (what a name for a source...LOVE IT!) sent in two more images of Richards, posted below. The first is this pic of Richards on-set, which I believe has been around for a bit.
The second is a wider, clearer shot of the same image we posted yesterday. Which, you can see by by CLICKING HERE!

Merrick again...
This one's pretty straight forward. We all know Rolling Stone's Keith Richards...the inspiration for Johnny Depp's performance in the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN films...will appear in AT WORLD'S END. Over the weekend, British papers released an image of what he'll look like in the film. I haven't seen this pic making the rounds yet, so here he is:
Big thanks to the folks who sent this in!
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