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FACES OF DEATH Mock-Up Trailer Online!!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. We’ve written about this project before here at AICN, and I find it to be one of the more ambitious remakes. You literally can’t remake the FACES OF DEATH films, so what you’ve got is a title and a tone. People know what that title means... transgression. Something you shouldn’t look at. Never mind whether the films really were as upsetting as they were supposed to be. They had a reputation. The best thing that can happen to a movie is for someone to ban it for content. Just today, I learned that PRO-LIFE is banned from Wal-Mart for content. I’ve never been prouder. Someone must have been poking around producer Don Murphy’s site because they came up with a presentation reel, a sort of sample trailer, that is meant to suggest what you can expect from this new film. I want to see director J.T. Petty’s newest film S&MAN. I think he’s a promising, provocative director, and this film, despite my resistance to most remakes, is something that will be on my radar. Here’s the trailer I found!

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