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Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Direct-to-video is becoming a big business, and it looks like Sony has pioneered an idea that’s catching on at other studios now, low-budget sequels to some films there probably shouldn’t be sequels to. A few weeks ago, the news of the LOST BOYS sequel broke, and that one sounded sort of batshit. Check out some of the others rumored to be coming soon:

SPIES LIKE US remake When the studios head to the vaults for inspiration…. You never expect them to come back with an old Chevy Chase/Dan Ayrkoyd movie, do ya? “The film that introduced Donna Dixon’s buxom bosom the world, “Spies Like Us” (1985), a two-hander starring Chevy Chase and Dan Ayrkoyd as a couple of loser misfits who dwell in the lower ranks of the Central Intelligence Agency, is about to get the remake treatment. Warner teams with Imagine (yep, Brian Grazer’s a producer on it; change of pace for him, hey?) and Thunder Road on the pic. Responsible for adding new life to the old concept are writers Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer and Dave Mandel. The trio worked on the 2004 comedy “Euro Trip”, which wasn’t too bad, so ya never know… this might actually turn out all right.” EXCLUSIVE: Jaws 5 going direct to DVD. Universal Home Entertainment are prepping a fifth JAWS movie as one of their direct-to-dvd premieres. The studio wants to go head to head with Warner's DEEP BLUE SEA 2, which is also going direct to dvd, and also centres on killer sharks. One idea that has been suggested to the studio for JAWS 5 is that they completely forget about what happened in JAWS 3 and JAWS 4 and again have Roy Scheider's character, Brody, returning to do battle. Since Scheider isn't keen on doing any more JAWS film, it'll take some tough negotiations. At present, the only returning element of the series is..... yep, you guessed it, John Williams' iconic music score.
Maybe you`ve already seen this.......I hope it`s just a rumor and nothing more. Do I want "Gremlins 3"? Yes. Do I want "Gremlins 3" going STV with no involvement from Joe Dante, and all CGI creatures? NO. Do I want "Goonies 2"? Yes. Do I want "Goonies 2" going STV and (I`m assuming) having nothing to do with the original? NO. Maybe you & your people can do some snooping around and find out if this 'news' is legit or not? Thanks Harry! -Christian Liller
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