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Romanek is going to make Benicio Del Toro howl at the moon in Andrew Kevin Walker's THE WOLFMAN!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... In recent days we've had a lot of fanboy disappointment. Bad news on beloved projects turning from wet dream to clean-up on aisle 7. Well - today - a project that I've been VERY JAZZED ABOUT... Andrew Kevin Walker's THE WOLFMAN - the Victorian Period retelling of the classic Lon Chaney Jr THE WOLFMAN... starring Benicio Del Toro as Larry Talbot... well - it got its director... MARK ROMANEK. You probably know Romanek from his amazing Music Video work - or the too few of you that saw his wonderful ONE HOUR PHOTO... you know him from that. Over the last 3 years, I've gotten to know Mark Romanek quite well. We keep similar hours on AIM - and in numerous IM conversation he's exhibited quite the disdain for CG. Mark is an old school director - professing a desire to make films that are captured by a lens capturing the light and shadow in front of it. I am SO happy at this reveal from Universal. It shows a real vision, by going with a director that absolutely keeps it real. From reading Andrew's script - I can't help but think that this will be an R-rated affair - and with Mark directing Benicio... I imagine the torment and torture of this cursed soul to be laid bare on screen... and I hope the transformation will be practical. I'm going to try to get Mark to talk with AICN soon about this. Because this is the most exciting Horror project out there for me right now. An A-list horror film that is classic, violent and sexy without being just a nonsensical mess of CG. At least that's what I hope Romanek directing means!

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