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From JJ Abrams regarding the story he has left Star Trek...

Hey folks, Harry here. My source on this isn't UNNAMED or ANONYMOUS - It is the Director in Question. I've no stock in this story - besides the fact that I grew up with the show in question - and think that JJ is theorhetically a far better choice for the material than the regime that ran STAR TREK into the ground, that thankfully isn't involved with this project. Anyway - Latino Review is apparently POSITIVE that JJ Abrams has left STAR TREK for another project that allegedly resides at Paramount. When I called and wrote JJ to respond to the alleged confirmed anonymous rumor/fact, he emailed back...

Wassup, Mr. Knowles. Latino Review is getting more bad intel... I am not off Trek! Thanks for checkin' in, hope all's good with you! JJ

SO - My recommendation is this. Blow off any rumors you're hearing about the demise of STAR TREK. Check out the fact that stages are scheduled for building and that most likely - we'll be hearing casting over the next few months... And yes, I will be running it by JJ - who I'm sure will grow to loathe my email and will junk filter me as I run bullshit rumors by him as he rolls his eyes at each. Live Long & Prosper, Knowles

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