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Who Has Been Crowned PRINCE CASPIAN?

Hey folks, Harry here - seems that Walden Media and Disney are continuing to mine the British Isles for talent in their NARNIA series. Well, at least in terms of who is playing Prince Caspian. Read below...

Hi Harry & Roberto, There was a story in "The Times" on Saturday that Disney has finally found their Prince Caspian - the lead and title star of the next "Chronicles of Narnia" movie. It's a 25-year old British actor called Ben Barnes. Ben has a small part in Matthew Vaughn's "Stardust" (of which much discussion on AICN already...) and is apparently amazing as the lead in a new indie UK movie "Bigga than Ben". Ben's casting has caused real controversy, though, because it means he's had to leave the West End run of the National Theatre's production of "The History Boys", in which he was playing Dakin. Ben's performance was amazing (I know, I saw it) and had he had been singled out for praise by loads of critics. Ben's real star in the making - great looking and hugely talented. Sadly the National Theatre are talking about sueing the actor rather than wishing him luck.... so British! Beth P
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