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UPDATED! Joss Whedon off of WONDER WOMAN, who'll lasso her next?

Harry here again - I didn't read yesterday's HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, till just now - in there - they have a story about Warners and Silver Pictures buying a spec script by Matthew Jennison and Brent Strickland that was of WONDER WOMAN set during World War II. Now in that article - it said that they were not going to make a period WONDER WOMAN - WHY THE FUCK NOT! THAT SOUNDS AWESOME! - but then they also seemed to be saying that they were buying it as a preemptive rights thing... but then today, Joss says he's leaving the project... so are these two events connected... and more importantly are we, PLEASE, going to get a 40's WWII set WONDER WOMAN film?!?!?!?! Let us pray!

Hey folks, Harry here -- I know I have tons of Whedon fans here on AICN, hell, Hercules has marble statues of him in every room of his house. Sadly, Herc isn't running Warner Brothers - as they have just let Joss go from his WONDER WOMAN adaptation. Is WONDER WOMAN dead? Well, Joss didn't mention a replacement writer or director, but the character is too valuable of a character to have in limbo forever. PERSONALLY - I'd hire Paul Dini to take over the script duty - and hell, I'd have him direct it too. But that's me. How about you - who should take over WONDER WOMAN? To Read Joss' statement, click here!

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