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re: That JJ ABRAMS off the STAR TREK movie Rumor

Hey folks, Harry here... 2 days ago I got sent a "SCOOP: JJ ABRAMS IS OFF STAR TREK MOVIE" rumor. Well, thanks to my interview with JJ back around the time of MI3 that I did for Penthouse, I had JJ's contact info and sent his Blackberry a, "Is this BS or not" email. JJ wrote back in about 20 minutes with a one word response, 'False!" - I then wrote him back to say, "Well, heads up, somebody is trying to spread that rumor." - I then wrote the scooper back to say JJ says it ain't so. Shortly later, JJ responded with, "Haha!" Now today, LatinoReview is running the rumor, pending checking up on it - and I'm getting emails from folks wanting to give us the heads up. Well - It is BULLSHIT! No truth to it. JJ says so.

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