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AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE Hysteria In Boston... sad commentary on the times we live in?

Hey folks, Harry here... You know, I don't like AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE. When I criticized it's lack of quality animation, some retorted that it is a showcase for writers. Well, I think the writing sucks too. I just don't like anything about it. Till now. For the past few weeks here in Austin - it's been possible to see the retarded electronic what'sayamacallsits. I never gave them a second thought beyond... "Wow retarded electronic what'sayamascrewsits!" Then yesterday happens. Now, I know the Bush Administration and Big Media in general have been waiting every day for the next big scary 9-11. It's just around the corner. Look, there it is, on that lamp post, under that bridge going, "Billy Goat Gruff." Everyone with a suitcase in an airport is a possible terrorist. If they leave their suitcase to take a piss, REPORT THEM! The Paranoia is rampant. Before the SUPER BOWL this weekend, we'll hear tons of reports about looking for the terrorists, and who knows - they might blow it all up with a blimp ala BLACK SUNDAY. Or maybe, we've gone a little crazy. The AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE thing is ridiculous. Maybe I didn't read the details of 9-11 wrong, but I don't remember any Cartoon Character Camoflage on the Airplanes. And I also don't seem to recollect terrorists as having much of a sense of humor with their bombs. I believe - it's AMERICA that painted Daffy Duck and Donald Duck on their bombs before deploying them into cities. Of course - isn't that the point? Aren't we all our own worst enemies? Boston arrests some College Kid that was working on the behest of a corporation to advertise their terrible animated feature - and they arrest the kid - and not the idiots that didn't recognize the cartoon characters that have been on major magazine covers for at least the last 6 or 7 years? Why do the terrorists have to do another damn thing? We're terrorizing ourselves and sending ourselves into a flat out panic over electric cartoon characters... that flip you off via motion detectors. Is that really what the terrorist's bombs look like? Cuz I Think Quint would hang it up in his room! What do y'all think of this mentally challenged incident? It's illegal to yell FIRE in a theater - you arrest the person who screamed FIRE! This kid didn't yell, BOMB. The media did, the city did. If there was panic in the city, it was caused by the BOSTON news stations, radio stations and the people in government that leaked the story to them. They're the ones to blame, not the cartoon character.

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