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Bad News About Aardman And Dreamworks...

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. I’m surprised by this news, but I’m also sort of not surprised by this news. It’s certainly a big announcement, and it will have an impact on both Aardman and Dreamworks, I’m sure. With Dreamworks and Paramount working together now, I think Nickelodeon is going to be providing films instead of Aardman. I’m going to talk to some of the people I know at Dreamworks this week, and I’m sure I’ll hear some more about this announcement then. Here’s the e-mail I got that sent me scurrying to read more.

DREAMWORKS HAVE DITCHED AARDMAN BBC news clip on the cancelling of the deal half way through. Click here for the Real Player video Or Click Here For Variety's story on the split! I find this deeply irritating, with DVD sales and toys, you can guarantee Dreamworks at the very least broke even with Were Rabbit and Flushed Away. But because it's not raking in as much cash as Pixar's they are dropping the creative and comedy genius that is Aardman Animations. I just hope Pixar step in and fund them to make the films that they, and a massive community of artists and animators around the world want.
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