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Samoan Joe Says AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE COLON MOVIE FILM FOR THEATERS Is A Hell Of A Freak Out (With Herbal Enhancement)!!

Merrick here...
We've run a a few other reviews of this film (HERE and HERE), all of which said pretty much the same thing: this movie kind of sucks. Samoan Joe, a long-time AICN reader & self-professed fan of ATHF sent in his thoughts. He didn't dislike it as much as the reviews linked above; he found the film disappointing but still good for a few laughs...
While I was definitely disappointed, I still liked it better than previous reviewers on your site. The movie plays like a very long Aqua Teen episode- entertaining, unpredictable and at times mind-bogglingly bizarre. The film-makers were evidently not willing to sacrifice any of the show's insanity for the sake of a more mainstream audience. That's cool and all, but it would have been nice if the movie had made at least a little bit of sense. The plot itself is hardly worth explaining (not sure if I understood it anyway). Suffice to say it involves time travel, aliens and an apocalyptic exercise machine called the "Insanoflex." It also makes a half-hearted attempt to explain the origin of the Aqua Teens. As you might expect, many of the shows more popular supporting characters make appearances, including the Mooninites, the Plutonians, MC Pee Pants, Professor Strange and others. I was irritated by the absence of the Frat Aliens, especially during the scene when the Aqua Teens actually hang out in a college dorm room. The only prominent new character is an evil alien shaped like a watermelon, accompanied by a dude with a huge yellow drum set…yeah. It's hard to imagine how an Aqua Teen neophyte would even judge a movie like this—there are about 30 complete "What the fuck?!" moments, no actual plot, and no effort at all to have anything make sense. The reaction of one person I watched the movie with, who was not familiar with the show: "I can't believe this is a real movie." I agree. It's totally ridiculous that somebody is willing to distribute this thing. That said, it was definitely good for some laughs, and along with some herbal enhancement it made for one hell of a freak out. Also, seeing it on the big screen would add a lot to the overall experience and diminish the sense that it's just a bunch of episodes strung together. If nothing else, this movie will likely go down in history as one of the flat-out weirdest things ever released in theaters, which I think makes it a worthwhile endeavor. As far as staying true to the show, fans should have nothing to complain about. But for those unfamiliar with the show, be warned: You may find yourself walking out of the theater in disgust. I suggest watching a few episodes first to decide if this sort of thing is up your alley. If it is, then spark one up and prepare for some seriously mind-blowing befuddlement. If you use this review, please call me Samoan Joe.

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