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GRINDHOUSE poster from Japan's Movie Treasure Magazine - this is pretty damn sweet!

Hey folks, Harry here - and this got my grindhouse juices going - I love this guy's work and it's awesome. Click on the image for a larger download version!

Hey Harry, Call me Japattack. My buddy Yoshiki Takahashi, who designed my recent book OTAKU IN USA, just whipped up this unofficial poster for the new issue of Japan's Movie Treasures (AKA Eiga Hiho) magazine. He's also the guy who also made the sweet Japanese tribute posters for KILL BILL that went up on AICN back in the day (Click Here and Click Here). QT himself is believed to have the one for Vol. 1 hanging up his wall. Anyway, let's hope Grindhouse is half as sweet as this badazz poster…and that the MPAA, in their infinite wisdom, makes up their minds to rate it M!

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