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There's An UNDER SIEGE 3 Script Ready?? Just As Seagal Is Done With Sony?? So Says Erika Eleniak!!

Merrick here...
We recently posted a pseudo-interview with Steven Seagal, in which he indicated extreme displeasure with the ultra-shitty straight-to-video fare to which he's been consigned for years. The article makes reference to Seagal's impending fulfillment of his obligations to Sony...effectively liberating him from his STV purgatory & allowing him the latitude to pursue projects more to his liking. You can read the article HERE. What kind of projects might they be? Seagal references a few (like GENGHIS KHAN) in the interview referenced above, but... Jess sent in a note about a series of interesting posts now happening on Erika Eleniak's Official Site. In case you don't remember Erika, she's the super hot girl/sidekick/heroine who jumped out of the cake in the original UNDER SIEGE.
Seems Erika's recently perused the screenplay for a proposed UNDER SIEGE 3. She's in it, she likes it, and here's what she had to say about it:
well, the day has come!!! Hell is for sure frozen stiff !!!! I have seen a complete script for "US3" ... I must say I really wanted to hate it !! ....for what it's worth, I liked it alot, infact I liked it so much there is no way it will ever get made !! it's a very "rich" read !! at least one of the most physical action based shows I've looked at in along time. Hats off to the writer who hails from the UK from what I hear! .... nicely done LAD ... I've been wrong for at least 20 so good luck to getting your hard work made into reality! you got my vote ! eE [edit] no it has nothing to do with airplanes. ... no it has nothing to do with 911 ... it has nothing to do with boats or sub's ... terrorist's ? ... in a manner. there IS great comic relief !!! there is non stop ass-beatings being given out for free ! there is the possibility of some women with clothing or lack of issues .. lol ... guns -yes. cars-yes. one-liners - yes. bombs-yes. explosions -lots. blood-yup. cast .. not yet. funny parts-yup. predictable -nope.
Okay, so, now I'm dying to read whatever script she's talking about. It MUST be out there, no? If's how to reach me. While an UNDER SIEGE 3 wouldn't exactly broaden Seagal's career too much, a reasonably well crafted, large scale action piece would at least help put him back on the public's radar & would make a boatload of sense as a career move. Provided, of course, he can get studios/production entities interested. There would be many reasons not to make this movie, but with Bruce Willis resurrecting DIE HARD from the same era, who knows? I'm really curious to see how this shakes out.


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