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Cameron reunites with a pair of ALIENS actors in AVATAR?

Hey folks, Harry here... First I want to clear something up. The reason that "part two" of the Cameron interview isn't here - is that it hasn't happened yet. When James had to deal with the Malibu fire situation - well, doing the second half of our interview evaporated next to well the crazy situation that he faced. Since then, there hasn't been time, and we're hoping to finish up sometime soon. Meanwhile - some interesting word is hitting. I've had multiple sources tell me that Michael Biehn is in AVATAR. In addition - word comes today that Sigourney Weaver has alluded to being in an upcoming film of Cameron's. I'm betting that it's AVATAR. When next I speak to Jim, I'll get his perspective on these 'rumors' - but it sounds good to me.

Hello Harry, I come to your site every day, and i've heard something tonight that might interest you. I haven't read anything about it yet on any swebsite or newspaper: Sigourney Weaver was invited on a show called "le grand journal" here in france, and she was asked if she would do another "alien"... She said no, she said that everything has been said about this creature and for her, it's over.. BUT she said that she will be making a big sci-fi movie with james cameron... But she didn't want to talk too much about it... Yet i don't know if it's "battle angel alita" or "avatar"... That's it, you can call me "jerome" And continue, i just love to come by and read your articles. Jerome
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