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SUNSHINE Trailer!! Get Some Danny Boyle Space Angst Here!!

Merrick again...
The trailer for Danny Boyle's SUNSHINE has hit the Internets!

Looks like an angst-ridden SOLAR CRISIS to me, but it could be pretty cool nonetheless. Interesting the movie is being sold with so little dialog (narration not counting as characters speaking to each other). Some of the dialog previously glimpsed in footage sounded kind of stiff; hope they're not trying to skirt around that. You can read more about the movie HERE, and check out an extremely early review of the film HERE! Despite my barbs at this movie, I'm actually really interested in it. It's been a long time since we've gotten a good, SF space travel movie (i.e. quasi-realistic ships and tech...instead of space fighters and whatnot). I'm all about this if it can transcend its dicey "save the sun" premise.
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