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SPIDER-MAN 3 Spoilage!?!? Probably So!! Maybe Not?? Judge For Yourself!!

Merrick here...
Pittsmale sent in some detail about the conclusion of SPIDER-MAN 3. It should be noted that, to the best of our knowledge, Pittsmale is an untried source for AICN. His e-mails feel real, and the context he provided for having this information seems legitimate. HOWEVER, we're aware of several active campaigns to dupe AICN in regards to coverage of this movie -- so consider this intro a vote of relative confidence...but also something of a disclaimer. Wow, that sounds neurotic. I thought this would be fun fodder for discussion, if nothing else. I'm working on about three hours sleep & am too friggin' tired to check the Net thoroughly to see if these details have appeared elsewhere; I didn't see this level of detail during my cursory glance. If I'm wrong, please credit whichever site needs crediting in the Talkbacks below.



Here we go...
Chris Dotson had a post on your site (published 1/9) that talked about a fight between Spiderman and Harry as a Green Goblinish character. Although this part is not in the New York script I read, apparently later in the movie Harry has a change of heart and realizes Spiderman did not kill his father as he'd once thought. This is relevant. The final fight takes place at a skyscraper construction site. It's there because Venom has kidnapped Mary Jane and taken both she, and the taxicab she’s riding in, and webbed them between girders high up on one of the buildings. Spiderman against Sandman and Venom. Spiderman holds his own but the two of them more or less begin to kick his ass. On top of this, he has to try and save Mary Jane as the webbing holding up she and the cab is starting to break. I'll pass describing the fight itself. I'm sure it'll be as cool on screen as it looked on page. In the end an explosion defeats Sandman. Venom eventually gets the best of Spiderman, and just as he's about to kill him, Harry swoops in on his glider and saves his life. The shocker is that Harry dies in the process. Mary Jane, of course, is saved. The script also describes Peter's turn to the dark side when he acquires the black costume, as well as his flirting with Gwen Stacy and the problems it causes between he and Mary Jane, who is already bothered by his constantly risking his life. The two ultimately split up. The final scene (at least in the NY script) is Mary Jane and Peter discussing the possibility of renewing their relationship. Whatever scenes occur after were apparently filmed at other locations. Do as you will guys. I'm taking you at your word that I will remain a ghost. Pittsmale

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