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The Trailer For BLADES OF GLORY Is Online! And We've Got A Review Of The Film!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. Interesting timing on this one. IGN has the exclusive premiere of the trailer for BLADES OF GLORY right now. And the studio just happens to be test-screening the film, which means we get this report in from Mvraiment:

Hey, Duder. I just got a chance to see a test screening for the upcoming Will Ferrell film, Blades of glory. As I hadn’t seen anything about it on the site I thought it might be time to finally give something back for all the months of sucking at aintitcool’s glorious teat. The important bald man said the film wasn’t quite finished and that we were “one of the first audiences to see it” but it looked and sounded pretty good. A conveniently timed trailer on TV has just told me it comes out March 30th. Blades of Glory is about two rival figure skaters (Ferrell and Heder) who after a fight with each other in front of 30,000 fans, have their gold medals stripped from them and are banned from competitive skating for a lifetime. Three and a half years later, after finding a loophole, they must join forces to compete as the first male-male pair in the couples figure skating division. Figure Skating for the first time ever is finally watchable. Also, hilarious. This film is funny. Way funnier than I expected and I am not a fan of Jon Heder. Thank god he keeps his napoleonisms to a minimum. Ferrell is funny as usual. And the chemistry is there. They work great together. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett (as evil brother and sister figure skaters) manage to steal almost every scene they’re in. There are some really great moments including a hilarious ice skate chase and some very funny ice routines (that i won't spoil). The ice skating was never boring. And the costumes are as funny as the people wearing them, especially the outfits given to Poehler and Arnett. Also, Jenna Fischer has never ever looked as hot as this. Purr-Rawrr. All that being said it is rather predictable. And there was a deal with an obsessive fan that wasn’t super palatable to me. Also it dragged for about seven or eight minutes at one point. But in spite of that it was pretty good. I can’t tell how much the audience was laughing because I was sitting up front but I laughed pretty consistently through the whole thing. I also don’t know how it compares to Talladega Nights since I haven’t seen it. But I’ll probably go see Blades of Glory again when it comes out, especially for Heder in his peacock costume, the ice skate chase and of course Will Arnett. Yes, Arnett.
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