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Final BLACK SNAKE MOAN poster - Gorgeous!

Just got sent this pristine image - and if you click on it - you'll get a really nice high res image. Here ya go...

Hey folks, Harry here - As you saw with my top ten list of films from last year - I loved BLACK SNAKE MOAN - and if you've been reading all the reviews coming out of BNAT 8 - they all agree that this was one of the best films of not just BNAT 8, but the year. Craig Brewer's been red hot two years running for me, first with HUSTLE & FLOW and now this. Well - A source sent me this cel phone pic of what they claim is the final poster for BLACK SNAKE MOAN. I really like it, as it combines the two individual posters into a single poster. I just wish this wasn't a Cel Phone pic - but a nice clean copy. I sent off a couple of emails to the folks I know at Paramount Vantage - and that are involved in this production to get a cleaner copy - if this is indeed the final poster. Or hell, it might pop up at another site - if you see it, let me know - and I'll try to get a cleaner copy up here later today - if at all possible. But for now - this is all I've got...

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