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Okay, okay... it's more official now... INDIANA JONES 4 going into production in June!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Looks like I might have to be eating some crow here, but in all honesty I'm happy to do so if it means we get another INDIANA JONES movie that Harrison Ford, Lucas and, most importantly, Spielberg are all excited about. I commented on a report from an interview with Lucas where he said, for the third year running, that Indy 4 will go into production next year (being this year now) with a May '08 release. I was skeptical, but it looks like INDY 4 is now closer to being a reality than it ever has been before, with a big story at Hollywood Reporter on it. It still seems the details are sketchy... Paramount says they assume they'll be co-financing with Dreamworks and Lucasfilm and expect to put up the money, but don't know anything yet. When that gets locked into place, you'll see my skepticism completely disappear. The script Ford, Spielberg and Lucas all agree on is written by David Koepp (WAR OF THE WORLDS, STIR OF ECHOES), but no details are known.

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