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More non-news from Lucas about INDY 4!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I know, I know. We got this news a day and a half ago, but didn't post it. Why? I don't consider it news... well, let me rephrase that. I'd consider it news if, for the past three years, Lucas hadn't said this exact same thing. It's always "Indiana Jones 4 is going into production next year." Now, I hope this time George Lucas is right on the money and that Harrison Ford, Spielberg and Lucas have finally found the right script they all love and they get going. I'm in the camp that believes a fourth installment could be great. I know we're all a bit gunshy with our childhood heroes revisiting our childhood favorites... with good reason, but if they find a story that has the trademark Indiana Jones action, but also a focus on Indiana as a character, then I'm all for it. It could be a great bookend, if they go with something that mirrors RAIDERS. If they don't address Indy's age, then it'll be laughable. After watching MUNICH, I know Spielberg can channel that '70s and early '80s Spielberg if he sets his mind on it, so I'm not worried about him. And I want Ford to be cool again. Lucas, too. Plus, I just want to see Marion. My fingers are crossed that they end up together. It's clear to any fan of the series that Marion is Indy's perfect partner and it's only right that the series ends with them together. I guess the only way Indiana Jones 4 works for me is a little like what Stallone did with ROCKY BALBOA. It acknowledged the main character's entire journey, but in style and story it followed the first, and best, film of the series. The most ideal Indiana Jones 4 for me is a companion piece to RAIDERS. So, thanks to the constant barrage of emails, the story is going up. I won't believe it until Paramount announces they've greenlit the film and set the date themselves. Even if Lucas is 100% on the money, there are so many things that can snag the production, as we've seen in the past. If Lucas is right and nothing pops up, INDIANA JONES 4 goes into production next year, for a 2008 release.

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