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Is Kilmer going around saying a REAL GENIUS 2 is a moral imperative?!?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I know that the holidays delayed the posting of this story by about 18 hours or so, but I couldn't let this pass without a mention. AICN was sent a heads-up of a story on, the Virgin megastore/airlines/everything website that has a rumor that Val Kilmer is set to play Chris Knight again in a sequel to his '80s masterpiece REAL GENIUS. This had me doing a double take. I fuckin' love REAL GENIUS. It stands head and shoulders with ANY '80s comedy in my book. John Hughes, Mel Brooks, John Cusack, Steve Guttenberg (yes, I'm serious... go back and watch the first 2 POLICE ACADEMY movies)... all these guys are on the same level with REAL GENIUS, which has the 2nd best '80s usage of William Atherton as a huge dickhead (First being GHOSTBUSTERS and 3rd being DIE HARD). Kilmer has been saying he wants to take on more comedic roles, which is nothing but good news. His comedy work is top notch. TOP SECRET, REAL GENIUS... I think the reason I liked KISS KISS BANG BANG so much was because Kilmer reminded me of his earliest comedy work. While I'm not sure it's a great idea to sequelize REAL GENIUS, I'm thinking the risk of an unneeded and shitty sequel is worth taking if it means we see Kilmer in top form again. What are your thoughts?

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