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Has Warner Bros Already Cast Their SPEED RACER?!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. It’s Christmas. It’s slow. Let’s run a crazy rumor, shall we?

Long time reader, first time contributor!!! I currently work for Time Warner in London England and had the shock of my life today. 2007 Production roster arrived today at the UK's WB marketing slate for 2008. What stuck out the most was a production called Shaolin Cowboy by the WB. Now after a few hours of investigating with our LA team it turns out that Shaolin Cowboy (The Wachowski brothers first comic book title released last year) is a covert name for SPEED RACER to be directed by the Wachowski brothers(Hence the WB initials). Now in the slate doc it showed clearly in capital letters the name of Keanu Reeves under the main title. Not only does this show that NEO (A.K.A Keanu) is reteaming with the Matrix team but seems to be the main role. If this is so, it looks like a great casting choice for our hero of SPEED RACER. If you use this please refer to me as PAC.
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