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Updated with New Comment From Sly! Stallone Would Like To Thank All Of You!

Hey folks, Harry here with a statement from Sly that he wanted to communicate to all of you. I'm pulling for this film along with all of you. Here ya go:

First of all, it's great to be back talking to you guys again, and I want to say I've been reading all the talkbacks and appreciate the insights into the film. There's one talkback that really caught my eye by Cotton McKnight, who stated that some people might be embarrassed to go see ROCKY BALBOA, or skeptical, even. I couldn't agree more. What I believe can be achieved by people (and not TV ads or newspaper ads or radio blurbs) is the validation of one human being telling another human being that something is either good or bad. ROCKY BALBOA is coming off a 15-year hiatus, from a failed sequel... the unpleasant aroma of that corpse unfortunately still lingers in the minds of moviegoers. It would be great if the patrons of who like the film would throw their weight behind it and try to convince skeptics that you can go the distance with dignity. I put more of my faith in you than any TV ads, so I would appreciate any of you who would spread the "good word", and give this film a proper send-off and a fond farewell. Also, P.S. I believe I'm going to slip a film in before RAMBO comes out, even though I will be commencing with filming in February. I'll update you when the next project is chosen - hopefully it will finally be POE. So, my best to "the army of the 'right'," the AICN supporters. Sylvester Stallone

Hey folks, Harry here. Stallone is very happy this day, and he's blaming all of you for the grin on his face and wanted to thank all of you. Here's his statement that he sent my way this day...

I want to thank all of you talk-backers. We were hoping to do 2 million dollars last night, and considering the horrible weather that is sweeping the nation, we'd be lucky to get that. Instead, and I attribute it to all the readers of, we did a little over six million, which has all the financial film analysts in this country in bewilderment and awe. You made an old lion roar proud today. Thank you. Sly

Harry here again. I've seen and been reading your reaction to this film from watching it yesterday. And having seen the other films that have opened against this one, I have to say - I really do hope that ROCKY BALBOA keeps bewildering the experts. NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM is a soulless repetitive concoction of CG nonsense, whereas ROCKY BALBOA is a film about nobelity, respect, family, love and striving to never quit. It's a genuine audience film that isn't just a single magic screening at the Alamo Drafthouse, but a bonding experience with every audience out there. I love the character of ROCKY BALBOA, and it's nice to have a genuine icon on the screen again. A real movie star knocking it out of the silver screen. This is the geek film of the holidays. Our pugilistic Star Wars that has never lost his soul or grounding. Let's hope Hollywood learns all the right lessons this Holiday season!

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