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MADMAN finally moves forward at Dimension, but Rodriguez isn't directing anymore...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. Robert Rodriguez has been wanting to make a MADMAN movie (based on Mike Allred's comic book) for years. It looks like he's finally going into production with it now, but will serve only as producer. He's bringing in long time friend George Huang to direct while he is prepping SIN CITY 2. I met Huang on the set of THE FACULTY where he was given the task to handle the onset writing emergencies. He had to work with Kevin Williamson's script, of course, but he did what he could. The best thing Huang has done, in my mind, is SWIMMING WITH SHARKS, which he wrote and directed. That flick is a great cautionary tale about working within the Hollywood system and one of Kevin Spacey's first brilliant performances to make its way to the masses. MADMAN is going to be shot the same way Rodriguez shot SIN CITY, here in Austin using Troublemaker Studios' set up. Mike Allred is said to have much input in the feature, maybe as much as getting a co-director credit like Frank Miller did on SIN CITY.

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