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A trinity of pics hit for Matthew Vaughn's Gaiman adaptation, STARDUST! Plus Find Out Who's Narrating The Film!!

Hey, gang. "Moriarty" here. Just wanted to drop another little tidbit on you. The film, like all good fairy tales, is narrated, and there was quite a bit of discussion about whose dulcet tones would be appropriate to tell this particular story. Well, it's official now, and Ian McKellen will be the storyteller. Sounds just about perfect to me. Now back to Quint and the pictures...

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with some stills from the upcoming Matthew Vaughn adaptation of Neil Gaiman's STARDUST. I'm greatly looking forward to this one. The people were cool when I toured the Pinewood sets, the original book by Gaiman is pretty awesome and all the early word from test screenings is this one is has been knocked out of the park. We have three stills here that were scooped by CinemaBlend and pointed out by "Dogsoup." You'll get a glimpse at Claire Danes as the fallen star and Michelle Pfeiffer as Lamia, the villainess of the story. Enjoy!!!

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