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Eddie Murphy
Touches On His Past, Present and Future (Including COP 4)
On Tonight’s ACTORS STUDIO!!

I am – Hercules!! Loads of interesting stuff tonight as James Lipton chats up Eddie Murphy for the first time on a highly enjoyable edition of “Inside The Actors Studio.” Some highlights: * Murphy says “Beverly Hills Cop 4” remains in the development stage, and that he’s taking his time with it because he found part three “atrocious.” * Murphy, still seemingly stinging a bit from the reaction to “Harlem Nights” nearly two decades ago, says he is determined to direct again. “Soon.” * Murphy says he has no plans to return to stand-up at present, but does not rule out another concert film. (The more he talks about it, the more likely a return to the stage sounds.) * Murphy talks about his brother, “Chappelle’s Show” icon Charlie Murphy, and Charlie’s unsavory early career. * Murphy discloses that his high school in Roosevelt, Long Island, was attended by himself, Howard Stern, Julius Irving, Flava Flav and the rest of Public Enemy over one 15-year stretch. * Murphy says he got the role in “48 HRS.” because his agent was sleeping at the time with director Walter Hill. * Murphy notes that he was almost fired during “48 HRS.” and that the acting coach Paramount hired for him during was none other than David Proval (who would later achieve a measure of fame as Richie Aprile on “The Sopranos”). * Murphy reveals every time he draws a gun onscreen, he’s doing an impression of Bruce Lee. * Murphy imitates the late Rodney Dangerfield while telling a funny story about why one shouldn’t take advice. * Murphy reveals he is frightened of animals, and that he never worked with any of them (except, if I remember correctly, one duck) on the sets of the “Dr. Dolittle” movies. The creatures were almost always added to his scenes separately. * Murphy reveals his least favorite word is “queef” and his favorite curse-word is “cunnilingus.” (Because of course it really isn’t a curse word, Bravo doesn’t bleep it.) * Coincidentally, Murphy finds what he believes to be a pubic hair in his water. 7 p.m. Monday. Bravo.

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