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OooooOOooH My God It's Weird! Round #16 - Stallone Delivers before 8pm! Getting Stronger! Everydaaaay!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here, once more with the honor of posting one of these Stallone Q&A's. The honor is doubled by the fact that I got a question with the man himself and he answered it well! This one is full of gems... from the Cobra Car to those rats to the rolling dog to the robot... great stuff! Enjoy!!!

1.  Hey Sly, got to see Rocky Balboa tonight at the press premiere in Scottsdale, AZ. The movie is amazing - as expected. I saw it with my Dad, with whom I saw the first Rocky, and also my son. We all LOVED it. Thank you for this movie!   My question is, why did Butkus disappear after Rocky II? I loved Rocky's interaction with him in the first two movies. Did he meet an untimely demise in real life? Or just a conscious decision? Thanks! Lee

Thank you for appreciating ROCKY BALBOA and for the unforgivable sin of sounding corn-a-licious; I wanted it to be a final love letter to the people that have embraced the character. (P.S. Before I go any further I want to answer the Anthony Kiedis (aka Chili Peppers) “Twilight Zone” inquiry. I don’t remember anyone in F.I.S.T. besides Peter Boyle, Melinda Dillon and David Huffman, a wonderful man who was knifed to death while performing a heroic act shortly after filming. As for my child in the film, it could’ve been played by Babette the Monkey from the old series, RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE, but the one thing I do remember is, I’ve never been overtly cruel to any youngster, so let me put that rumor to bed. It’s just not in my character. Thanks.) Now, back to the question… I loved Butkus, but after the filming of ROCKY II, he had an altercation through a fence with two Labradors and he tragically suffered a heart attack. I loved that dog. He was like a son that walked on all fours. I know this enters the Demented Hall of Fame, but I actually thought upon his death of having him stuffed and put on rollers so I could wheel him around the house and not feel lonely. (Yo, Butkus! Let’s roll!)  
2.  Hi Sly, Thanks for these Q&As man. Stuff like this makes you a level above all such action stars. I wanna ask you how you feel about the violence that characters Rambo, Cobra, The Specialist, Judge Dredd etc. seem to bring with their characters to solve problems? Using violence to solve problems. Do you think that this is correct or not, do these character or yourself endorse these ideas, or is it the situations that they find themselves in? How do you feel about the controversy about the violence that these characters have caused from certain ethic groups who don't approve of the methods of such guys on film. Love these Q&A man. Your integrity and brilliant humour is terrific! Just saw Copland on BBC1 too. Damn that's a proper movie. I love your characterisation in that film. Jason Perryman

  Well, it hasn’t hurt Chuck Norris. What I love about that TV series is everything is cured with a chop to the throat or a knee to the midsection. “Oh, you’re a pedophile... CHOP! You’re cured!” “Oh, you’re a lifelong crack head? POW! You’re clean now with my super kick to your bone zone.” Seriously, I love Chuck, he’s always been a great gentleman, but in action films, how else do we complete a physical morality play without calling on the tried and true eye-for-an-eye? Imagine if you’re tracking a lifelong serial killer, you break into his house and on his wall are 35 heads of homeless women. Do you shoot him, stab him or read his palm and suggest it’s really not his fault… he’s the victim of bad karma and you give him the name of a qualified therapist. No, you make him an unwilling member of the “splat pack” by plastering his remains against the nearest stucco wall. The controversy has been negative and the only way to balance out the violent reactions is to delve more profoundly into what makes them tick and that perhaps can make sense of their tactics.
3.   Hi Sly,   What role does your Catholic Faith play in your life & Rocky's? Do you find yourself looking more to God for answers as you get older? Will Rocky get a Blessing from Father before the big fight?   Rocky is such a big inspiration for many of us! It always makes me want to start working out again & take better care of myself. I love working out to those sound tracks! What's the Sound track gonna be like this time? Sly, Thank You so much for being an inspiration in my life! May God Bless You with Peace, Love & Happiness! Merry Christmas!   Bob Lawitzke Marblehead, Ohio

  I think the older I get, the more inquisitive I become about our short jog around this planet, so I have adopted a strong set of Christian values which help me make profound “crossroad” decisions. Loneliness kills more people than all the diseases, compounded, on the planet. When you feel you belong to God’s Squad it’s a very life-affirming decision that can only provide comfort in the dark. There’s nothing like working out to music that actually puts its hands on you and shoves you forward, no matter how exhausted you are. Bill Conti’s genius score will once again provide that. Also, Three 6 Mafia wrote a song that the nemesis, Mason “The Line” Dixon, uses to intimidate Rocky when he enters the ring. It is glorious in its energy. There is a new ROCKY album coming out that will compile all the songs that moved the character over the last three decades and put it in one album.
4.  Sly, You shot part of "The Specialist" near my hometown in middle Tennessee. I believe that the shoot took place at Fall Creek Falls. Just wondering if you had any recollections from the shoot. I saw it at the local theater when it came out, and I remember there was a lot of buzz about it in our area. Looking forward to Rocky like so many others are. Thanks for your time and the great memories that you've given us. Jason in Cookeville, TN

  Yes, thank you. At first I thought you were misinformed about us shooting in Tennessee, and had been overwhelmed with fond memories of my epic performance in RHINESTONE, which was shot in Tennessee. But now I recall that it was the opening scene with Jimmy Woods and I, and truthfully, that whole period of my life is somewhat of a blur. But I do recall some good stunt work that was done in your state. My fondest memory of Tennessee, believe it or not, was being on the back of a World Champion Tennessee walking horse with Dolly Parton perched securely in front of me. Before the horrified expression of the horse’s owner, this fugitive from a dog food factory tripped, rolled, and miraculously did not smash Dolly and myself into flesh-colored platemats. “Yippee-ki-yay, mother…!”
5.  Thank you Harry, for this Opportunity to ask Sylvester Stallone a question. Hey Sly thank you for making my childhood, with great action films! that still hold up today, and for bringing back Rocky and Rambo one more time. I own a large collection of movie memorabilia and have been told you keep many of the props from your films ? since Planet Hollywood, Bill Clinton (GLOVES) and now the Smithsonian, what props do you still own? the Jimmy Lile Knifes Firstblood? Rambo 2 ? Hibben knifes Rambo 3? the bow, arrows? what about the outfits from Rambo? do you really have the tarp hanging in your closet as you said in the dvd? what pieces would you consider your very best? and would never part with??How about from the Rocky films the belt etc?? Judge Dredd outfit ? Demo man? Rhinestone? how about the 50 Merc from cobra? that knife, colt 45 ? P.S. I know you still dont have Bridgett THANK GOD. Jen is the best!!! Randy Crestline, Ca

Thanks for asking. I have all of what you mentioned, as well as a lot more prototypes of the knives that were “auditioned” for RAMBO. Quite a few props were stolen from my most recognizable films, such as the giant banners from ROCKY I and II. But the most astounding theft was the COBRA car. It was actually stolen out of storage, and recently someone contacted me, in an obtuse fashion, to inquire whether or not I wanted to buy it. If I do buy it, I suppose you can imagine what will be the first thing I stuff in the trunk and deliver to the nearest swamp. I’ll keep you posted.
6.  Dear Sly,   I'm shocked no one has brought this up.  Big fan of your flicks, but there's one character in Rocky IV that makes one eternally go "Huh?" (but in kind of an awesome way).  That character is, of course Sico the Robot.  How did Sico come about?   M. Boyle, Stillwater, OK

  I saw this ridiculous robot at a party and was charmed by its mechanical manners. I thought, “Wow, I’d love to share this with the world.” And like a man obsessed with a new toy, I did. In retrospect, it’s also a candidate for the Morons Hall of Fame. What was I thinking? A talking dishwasher, a sexy trash compactor, maybe even a wise toaster… but an oversexed robot? Xanax, please.  
7.  Yo Stallone! I always considered the great Rod Taylor as the ultimate tough guy, yes even surpassing you and Arnold. I hold Rod Taylor in such high regard because of his starring in such great action titles as Dark of the Sun (greatest action movie ever!) and Chuka. But mostly because of the story of him getting into a fight with Dark of the Sun co-star and football legend Jim Brown at the Playboy Mansion, and Rod Taylor mopping the floor with the legendary Jim Brown. My question, if you can give me one epic real life story to put you over Rod Taylor on my tough guy list what would it be?

  That’s a tough one, Rod Taylor was tough as leather and put together. All I can say is, I sparred with Roberto Duran, who rearranged my internal organs; I sparred with Joe Frazier, who opened up a four-inch gash over my right eye in a matter of seconds before really turning on the heat; and I sparred with Earnie Shavers, who Ali said hit him harder than any human being on the planet during their epic battle at Madison Square Garden. I sparred these three men all in the same day. That doesn’t make me tougher than Rod Taylor by any means, but it certainly makes me far more stupid.
8.  I just saw Rock Balboa, it was GREAT!!!  The acting was terrific and the story was exceptional.  I think it was equal to or superior to Rock.  Thanks for making the movie.  It seems in this movie there is a focus on the old time fighter who fought for the love of the sport as opposed to the new fighter who only cares about making money and having a reputation.  Considering the actions of todays boxers and the state boxing is in, what reforms would you recommend to clean up boxing and get younger fighters thinking like boxers from years ago?  Do you think today’s fighters are just paid too much?  Thanks again for the movie. Sincerely   Cory A. Santos, Esq.

Thanks for loving the film. I believe it’s the best work I’ve ever done, so thank you. Here’s a newsflash. I’ve actually approached the state of California to become involved, in an official capacity, overseeing the standards and practices of the sport. Some of the refereeing and judging is pathetic, because some of these men are absolutely being influenced by “outside sources.” The sport can be cleaned up by putting someone in there that doesn’t care whose toes he steps on to make sure these blue collar gladiators don’t get destroyed physically, emotionally and financially by the sharks swimming in the brackish water that surrounds the sport of boxing. As for making fighters tougher, that’s never gonna happen, every generation finds it easier to live because of technological advances and that is reflected in our athletes. They may be bigger, but they’re not tougher. That’s why I’ve always said, nobody is as tough as their grandfather, because life was tougher.
9.  Sly, I've heard you have/had quite a collection of art, including many of Tom Wright's originals commissioned for Rod Serling's Night Gallery. I've read various rumors, including that your ex (whom I won't dignify by naming), 1) in a fit of rage destroyed many pieces including Tom's works or 2) sold them off without you knowing. Any of this true? If not, do you still have them? Who are some of your favorite artists? thank you, Chris

  Without pointing fingers, I did come home and find someone’s clothes gone and four of Tom’s paintings irreparably slashed. But I still have one great drawing that he did for me on PARADISE ALLEY, and a 200-page storyboard done by Tom that is magnificent. I tried to find him in the last year, but to no avail.
10.  Sly, What is your favorite Dirty Joke? Quint

Three rats walk into a bar. They all have severe attitude and are trying to prove who is the toughest. The first rat says to the bartender, “Give me that bottle of whiskey,” and chugs it straight down. The second rat pulls out a can of lye, pours it on the bar, and proceeds to snort it down. The third rat shrugs and starts walking out the door. “Ay, where the hell are you going, you wuss?” the other two rats ask. “I gotta go home and fuck the cat in the ass.”


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