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ROUND #15 - Stallone finishes his question about Ali, discusses love-making and old school gyms + much more!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - this set of questions just got in about 35 minutes ago. As we get closer and closer to release, the time is going to get tighter and tighter for Sly, but he and his assistant Celeste and I are determined to get these up asap. Here's this set - including "the rest of the ALI answer first!"

First of all, the continuation of my Ali answer, number 9 from yesterday, was mysteriously amputated. So here is the remainder... The funniest meeting happened when I was filming ROCKY III. I doubled Ali’s house for Rocky’s house. He would hang around during the day doing magic tricks and eating lunch, because food was in abundance and the man truly loved to eat. He was kinda like the Will Rogers of food. He never met a morsel he didn’t like. I love the guy. So I’m standing there having lunch with him and he’s asking me how to stay in shape. He had put on a few pounds around the middle and he was stressed about the addition of the unwanted meat apron. So after a half hour of extolling on the virtues of proper diet and exercise, he claimed he was now a devout convert to health. At that moment a caterer came along with a massive tray of rice pudding, which was the equivalent to thirty helpings. Without batting an eye, he reached over and removed the tray from the caterer’s hand and placed it in front of him. His assistant then said “Yo Champ, weren’t you just listening to Rocky? Ali smiled and plunged a fork into the heart of that mother load of rice pudding and stated “…Fuck Rocky.” P.S. For those who are jonesing on the JUDGE DREDD situation, i.e. helmet biz, I never wanted to take my helmet off – that way I wouldn’t have to deal with the pussification of applying make-up everyday – the trauma of looking at life through continually baking baby blue contact lenses. As for screwing up DREDD, I believe objects rot from the head down, draw your own conclusions.
1. Hello Mr. Stallone, My wife and I are going to hire a babysitter just so we can see ROCKY BALBOA -- we can't wait! I seem to recall that you dated Bridgette Nielsen. Can you walk us through, in graphic detail, a love-making session with Bridgette? Did she ever physically dominate you in bed? Thank you! Clark
Well, picture trying to subdue an anaconda with a Danish accent. All I know is it’s difficult kissing a person so tall that it ends up creating a bulging vertebrae in the center of your neck. The love-making was similar to a soccer game between England and France after an all night bender. Draw your own conclusions.
2. Sly, My name is Rene Camacho, and I'm from Laredo, Texas. Question on your training: with three kids, a line of supplements, an acting career, and all the others obligations as a celebrity you have, how do you manage to make the time to stay in such great shape? Especially at your age! You're the man. p.s. do you really clean and press 225 in the movie, or is that just a prop? Thanks! Reno
What you see in the movie is real. Except for the squats, which topped out at 400lbs. I work out 3 times a week and have been lucky enough to learn how to balance pigging out with proper eating the last half century or so, but everyone has their own body mechanics and it takes a lot of experimentation to find a proper balance, but I certainly recommend proper thermo-burning supplements at your local health-food store.
3. Since Rocky was such an old school fighter, and trained old school, how does he feel about the closing of the old school, historic gyms like Chicago's Windy City Gym or Detroit's Kronk, and how will it affect boxing. Thanks. Loved the movie!! Saw the premiere in Chicago. Rita "La Guera" Figueroa WIBA Americas Lightweight Champion Chicago Trained by Sam Colonna out of the Windy City Gym
The tougher the gym, the tougher the fighter. You are a product of your environment. That’s why when you go to war against countries that come from incredible harsh realities, the opponents from a pound for pound basis, super weapons excluded, provide horrible opposition because then life is horrible. In other words, they’re as tough as wild animals. You throw a poodle against a wolf and guess who comes home with fluff in their mouth? So, yeah, we should preserve these gyms, even though that’s not gonna happen, because real estate takes place over character building emporiums.
4. Yo Sylvester! I finally saw ROCKY BALBOA this week and I loved it. I expected a goof or at least nostalgia, but it's actually a great, moving film on its own. Here's my question: is this what you're going for with RAMBO IV? Because God knows you could make an over the top, wonderfully silly flick with that, but I get the sense that you might make another surprisingly heartfelt and sober topper for one of your franchises. Thanks, Kevin Laforest, a fan since childhood
Without a doubt RAMBO is a very, very difficult screenplay because I have to backtrack to a time when character was at the forefront over action. RAMBO is the unwanted child of an insensitive military machine. He’s kinda like the Frankenstein monster who didn’t ask to be built and then is pursued to his demise by haunted memories. Yes, I’m going to try to humanize his inhumane existence.
5. Hi Sly, Some of your movies in the past, seemed to have been regarded as touching upon the political climate of America and how it shapes the world. What would you say your stance is today on American politics and everything that they are doing over internationally, specifically, over in the Middle East? Cpt Kirks 2pay.
I believe that you try to fix your own house before trying doing a remodel on someone else’s. My stance is that we’ve completely opened the door for a major upheaval similar to the one in the late 60s. I even hate the space program. We should focus on ourselves, not on trying to change the world before we’ve changed ourselves or explored the universe, so one day we can live in a hyperbaric chamber behind a cluster of rocks on the frozen side of Venus watching the ass-end of a comet whip past our stupid bio-shit abodes.
6. NAME:Allen M. Loyola COUNTRY:Philippines(in the UK at the moment) AGE:13 hi.. well i know that your not a boxer or anything but you have been in a few boxing films with would have put you to train everyday..can you give me some tips on how to be a good boxer?I'm 13 years old and i want to be a boxer when i grow up...
First and foremost realize all power comes from the ground up. Foot work is essential followed by free hip movement, followed by a rapid transfer of weight. A perfect example is watching the mechanics of a big league pitcher. But the most important aspect of boxing is your willingness to accept pain, because it is inevitable. If you don’t want to do that, just work out on the heavy bag, which is great exercise too.
7. Sly, Your distinctive voice is often parodied by the likes of Jay Leno and Conan O'Brian - I can already recall one Conan sketch this year parodying you and Arnold in hilarious, if completely unintelligible conversation. I'm sure there'll be more of that coming with the new movie. Have you always been able to take these particular jokes in your stride or did it ever reach a point where you've been self-conscious about your voice? If you do have any good stories where you've been misunderstood in daily life, I'd love to hear them :-) Best wishes for the new movie, Paul M. UK
I’ve always sounded like a family of swallows decided to build a home in my mouth shortly after birth. It’s not easy sounding intelligent when you’re being muffled by a bird’s nest in your throat, but I’m an animal lover and chose not to remove it. Truthfully, I mumble, I wish I didn’t. It’s mainly because of an accident at birth (not going for the sympathy vote here), which makes it very hard to articulate with any sense of clarity. So no, I don’t take it personally, just ask my psychotherapist.
8. Yo Sly, How was your experience at the Philly premiere? All the Best, Steven W SF, CA
Sorry, we haven’t had the Philly premiere yet, but the unveiling of the statue was truly a career defining moment and I look forward to the Philly premiere on the 18th. (HARRY NOTE: I COMPLETELY MISUNDERSTOOD A CONVERSATION THE OTHER DAY! SORRY EVERYONE)
9. Dear Harry, Hello, my name is Michael and I am 13 years old. I was born with a heart condition and had open heart surgery when I was a baby. My parents tell me that Sly's daughter also was born with a heart condition and that she was seen by the same cardiologist as me. He was Dr. Arthur Klein at Cornell University Hospital in Manhattan. I'm doing great and am wondering and hoping that Sly's daughter is feeling the same way. I myself am a huge "Rocky" fan and can't wait to see "Rocky Balboa". Last Christmas my mom got me a signed "Rocky" script hand-signed by Sylvester Stallone. It is framed and is hanging over my bed with a certificate of authenticity. When I found out that I could try to send Sly a question I was amazed. I hope he replies and lets me know how Sistine is doing. -Michael
My daughter Sophia was born with a hole in her heart and had an operation at three months old. That’s when I realized I really didn’t matter much in this world when it comes to really making a difference. I provide entertainment, but gifted doctors provide a skill that snatches a life from the grip of death. So I learned a lot from a humbling moment and realize my daughter is a walking miracle and a constant reminder of the greatness of other men.
10. Sly- I really loved your appearance on SNL. What were your recollections of that show and working with that great cast, and would you do it again? Jedimindflayer Madison, WI
I don’t know if I’d do it again because I took a true butt whipping on that show. Now truly we went in with the concept to deconstruct who I am and prime the audience for COP LAND. I found myself falling into a mutual understanding and flow with these comedians, so obviously I enjoyed the process. The best part of the show was when I tried to pull a couple of victims from a car, but they would rather die than be saved by the man who made STOP! OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT. Hey, if you don’t laugh at yourself, eventually other people will, and that’s not a good thing. There’s an old saying “To those who think, life is a comedy, to those who feel, life is a tragedy.”

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