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You'll Believe A Dog Can...Ah, Never Mind!!

Merrick here...
...with a look at UNDERDOG, which stars a lot of people I've never heard of...and James Belushi. It hits on August 3. Check out this poster. As doofy as it is, it's far better than any of the promotional art for SUPERMAN RETURNS. Who would've thunk it?
"One nation Under Dog"...religious zealots will go ballistic if this ends up being the final tag line. I love it. And, finally, here's a picture of Underdog in flight.
So, the pitiful nerd in me has to ask: Wouldn't the puppy's ears be swept back by the wind? 'Twould be funny if Underdog's expression when flying was the same dopey, drugged-up expression a normal dog has while wind surfing out of a car window. Although, that wouldn't seem very heroic, I guess.

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