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Lionsgate picks up the Gary Oldman horror feature, BACKWOODS!!!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. I had the pleasant opportunity to meet Gary Oldman over the summer. I was visiting a set of his that I can't talk about, but he was returning to a very familiar character and I got to see him work. Oldman can do no wrong and the idea of him in a smaller horror flick makes me giddy... Get this... the flick also stars Paddy Considine and is about 2 young couples on vacation (Basque Country) in 1978 when they stumble across a deformed girl in a log cabin. They try to help her and that angers the villagers. The violence mounts... Sounds great! Lionsgate has the North American distribution rights for the flick now. No word on when they plan on releasing, but it can't be soon enough whenever it is...

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