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J.R.R. Tolkien's great grandson weighs in on the whole PJ/HOBBIT situation!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with another opinion on the whole Peter Jackson/New Line/MGM/Hobbit situation. I wouldn't post this by itself if it didn't come from a man with J.R.R. Tolkien's blood running through his veins. I met Royd Tolkien a few years ago on the set of RETURN OF THE KING and the look on his face was classic. He told me that his grandfather wasn't too keen on letting the rights go to LOTR, but that the entire family was so impressed with Jackson's translation of his great-grandfather's world. He wore a giant smile each time I saw him on the set. Now, he's sent in a request to post his opinion on this site. Who am I to tell a Tolkien he can't voice an opinion on the troubles surrounding Middle Earth? Here's his thoughts. You can also visit Royd at his MySpace page for his continuing commentary on the situation. Enjoy!

Before Peter made Lord Of The Rings, all i knew of his work is that he made films that i really enjoyed. That all changed a few years ago. He's now not just a filmmaker, he is someone that i trust and respect. Before the films were made i held massive reservations and fears that JRRT and LOTR would be used as merely a tool in producing revenue and ultimately a substandard film. But it's different now, and it's different because of Peter. 3 weeks ago those feelings returned. Without him, and without question, The Hobbit will become what i feared LOTR was to become. To find a new director after the time and dedication Peter and all his people put in would not just be wrong, it would also be a bad decision. Now i know and understand that some purists would disagree with me, and whilst i again understand and agree with their right to have an opinion, just imagine how bad it could have been without Peter at the helm. Peter didn't just direct a film, he brought together a team. Think about the different elements of his team: The thoughtfulness and professionalism of Richard Taylor and everyone at Weta who realised the complex detail needed to make it believable; The beautiful music of Howard Shore that compliments and binds the film; The wonderfully detailed concepts of Alan Lee and John Howe whose insight helped craft the feel of the film; The fabulous costumes of Ngila Dickson; The photography and vision of Andrew Lesnie and not to forget New Zealand, a country that lends itself perfectly to Middle Earth with its breathtaking and varied landscapes... and many many more elements that he brought together not just as a filmmaker, but as a team leader. How could a different director do what Peter has done. How would they find a similar team of people who have the knowledge, passion and understanding of a world they helped create. Surely that doesn't make any sense when Peter already holds the key. I do understand and agree with Peters position, although i only know on the surface what must be a very difficult, and frustrating decision for him. I know it's not simply a matter of saying yes, there's a mountain of issues that lie between New Line and Peter, but there must be some way to resolve this. I imagine there's been an awful lot of letters and conversations between both camps, heels have been dug in and hair pulled out. If only there was some way to sort out the stalemate between them and find that common ground and resolution which is needed to do justice to such an important book. Whilst i don't know the inner relationship between New Line and Peter, what i do know is that they backed him, all those years ago, to produce LOTR. For that part and many more they played, i'm forever grateful. When i saw the end result on screen, knowing that everyone had played a part in putting it there; and were all united in putting it there; it made me smile. I'm sorry but has everyone forgot those simple smiles. Isn't that what making films is all about. If Peter hadn't made LOTR with the respect he showed to my Great Grandfather, i'd not have felt compelled to voice my opinion Royd Tolkien.

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