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Stallone sets things straight, reads talkback and comes in for Round #8 Swinging!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - Just got back from the pre-BNAT screening of PAN'S LABYRINTH and the Pre-BNAT party - where there was much drinking and relishing of fine company, booze and pizzas. When the lovely Celeste called me to see if I could still get this up tonight - so being dutiful and a man of my word, I scaddadled out of there to put this up. Before we get to a question - Sly wanted to address some of you Talkbackers. Enjoy

Firstly, I want to clarify something I said yesterday, I think Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a very good action man, and with the proper scripts would’ve been renowned in any era. The rest of the high-kicking karate boys are one step above ballet dancers on testosterone. Also, there was a quote from a fellow I won’t mention that says I don’t read these comments and I assure you I do, and appreciate your insights. As for the fellow who has negative things to say about me in the film, I’ll just paraphrase the line from ROCKY when Mr. Gazzo says, “Some people just hate for no reason.” So the only thing they may hate worse than me is actually waking up every morning and knowing they’re still stuck in their depressive brain space. A fly sitting on a pile of cow shit thinks himself a king, so keep the turds rolling. It has no effect.
How does it feel when you see yourself nominated for things like the Razzie, when you know there are far worse performances out there? It seems that everyone has forgotten that you've been nominated for Oscars too... Thanks for the opportunity. Marshall W. Carter
I’ve gotten so many Razzie Awards, I’m surprised they haven’t been renamed after me. In one way I take it in the spirit in which it is given (meaning comic overtones); then I realize the Razzies must be presented to someone who is somewhat known… but overall the Razzies have been part of my life and like Lou Garrick, I consider myself the luckiest person in the world to be crowned a mega-mediocre underachiever. I’ll try to keep up the bad work. But whatever you do, please don’t give one to someone who deserves it, your ratings may plummet.
2. hi, I was wondering what your relationship to the legendary trumpeter Maynard Ferguson was like? Is it true you have a little tribute to him in the new soundtrack? Thanks, Chris Abbeville, Louisiana
Yes, Maynard Ferguson was fantastic in his incredible ability to hit those surreal, ear-bleeding, wax-melting high notes. On the opening track of Maynard’s album, it starts out with me hitting a speed bag in the studio right before he kicks into GONNA FLY NOW. Twenty eight years later, I’m in the studio with Bill Conti trying to update the GONNA FLY NOW track, which was recorded on eight track. So I contacted Maynard to come in and have his amazing trumpet soar over the final rendition of the signature tune. The poor man dies. How do I replace him? I’m thinking that most trumpet players can hit that ear-shattering note if they try. The fifteen trumpeters at the studio recording session laughed and said “You’re dreaming, maybe five people in the world can nail that note.” This is why I think ROCKY BALBOA is blessed. Coming in later that day was a former trumpeter, who years ago happened to be Ferguson’s protégé. Wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and looking like he just woke up, I asked him if he could blow the shingles off the studio roof and he did. He just ripped that song apart. So, there’s my farewell. Thank you to Maynard.
3. 1. What do you think of the 'remake fever' that has run rampant through hollywood in recent years, and can you see a time in the future when someone will try to remake one of your signature films, such as Rocky or First Blood? And if so, what are your thoughts on that? Sledge Hammer, Australia.
Well, when in doubt, copy, rip-off or remake; it’s the safe way to conduct business, because frankly, doing a film is a journey into controlled chaos. You never know what’s going to happen. I’ve always equated it to going into your closet, turning out the light, shutting the door and dressing for your prom. You don’t know what you’re going to look like when you come out: brown shoes, green shirt, blue pants, argyle socks. That’s what making a movie is like. But a remake takes 75% of the guesswork away, so expect more in the future. Maybe the studios will attach a scratch-and-sniff element to the film and literally blast out smelling salts to keep the audience semi-conscious. There’s a perverse side of me that wants to see somebody else attempt to portray Rambo. All I can say is bring a large supply of bodyguards because playing the part is truly a killer. Yet, maybe with all the techno advantages, it can be filmed with less pain and location difficulty. My real dream is that the highest-priced actor working today has the huevos to remake the classic THE PARTY AT KITTY AND STUDS.
4. Who did the fancypants, Hollywood suits want to cast in the first Rocky other than you? What were your other choices for the supporting cast? And what planet do you find a maniac like Mr. T on? Sly, you are my movie star hero, narrowly edging out Bruce Willis (mainly because of that Return of Bruno R and B vanity album bullshit). The last time Knowles let us talk to famous people, Kevin Smith called me a fag. If you could say something derogatory about me, that would be great. I'd like to keep my streak alive. Thank you Sylvester Stallone and Knowles. As always, See You In Hell. TheWarrior
If I read your question right - who the fancy pants Hollywood suits wanted to cast other than me - it was Ryan O’Neal, Burt Reynolds, Jimmy Caan and even Robert Redford. But here’s an interesting footnote you might not believe, the first choice for Adrian was a girl named Carrie Snodgress, who I wanted badly because, at the time, I wanted Adrian’s family to be Irish and Harvey Keitel would be the brother. She said there wasn’t enough money in it (we were getting paid $360 before taxes), so I said “I’ll give you my share, I truly want you.” She passed to do a part in BUFFALO BILL AND THE INDIANS, which never happened for her. The next choice was Susan Sarandon, but she was definitely too attractive. Then we went after Cher and they told us she wanted a million dollars, which is more than the film cost. And lastly, I had to arm wrestle Bette Midler’s manager Aaron Russo to get an interview with her, which, by the way, never happened. I had rewritten the Adrian part as Jewish, and, besides Paulie, she had a Jewish mother who truly despised Rocky. Obviously all this was relegated to the drama shit can when Talia Shire walked into the office and bells went off in my head. Thank you, puss-nuts, and keep eating dead things you find in the orifices of disease-riddled cadavers. You wanted to be insulted, you got it.
5. What is the most ridiculous rumour you've ever heard about yourself? "Walker" - London, England
The most ridiculous rumors I’ve ever heard were: Elton John and I were naked under his piano, listening to “Rocket Man” while sipping champagne out of each others shoes; I had a pump south of the border; and I would not allow workers to go to the bathroom on the set.
6. Were there ever (or are there) any plans for a sequel to COBRA? Adam P. Cray Los Angeles, CA
I thought Cobra had every chance to have been a wonderful character that could have caused some memorable cinematic mayhem. I take the blame because I should’ve directed it, and the choices made in the last thirty minutes of the movie were pretty banal. I believe the inclusion of a real actress and not a bewigged ex-wife would’ve certainly been a celebrated change and perhaps would’ve made the series a lot more dramatic.
7. Do you think Arnold can get back into top shape using your company's FORZA-T and LEANFIRE so he can make one last CONAN film? Ever since he became governor, he has gotten a little bit out-of-shape! AB KING
I’ve been to Arnold’s house and he has an unbelievable gym, and knowing the man, he could get into really top non-competitive shape if he so wished, irregardless of using my company’s products. Being Governor leaves little time to exercise since I know first hand he’s on the go from 7:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night. He’s happy ruling the state. I think Conan would be better off joining Cobra and seeking employment at a local Chippendales.
8. Hi Sly, I was wondering what it was like working with David Carridine in 'Death Race 2000' and whether any of your lines were ad libbed? You have some classics in that film! Thank You. Mike Plant United Kingdom
David Carradine was nice to work with, but definitely a bit distant. Kind of like a circus float that got away and no one could ever pull it back to earth. I was very adamant on making the fight scenes great, but he had a habit - or should I say reputation - of unloading on stuntmen. Our first fight in the garage, I threw a punch and he countered and sure enough, he clipped me and never bothered to say anything about it. Take two he clipped me again, and I could no longer resist the temptation of wanting to crush his windpipe. Sunny Shields, who was the stunt double for me at the time, took over and I was sent away. There was a lot of ad-libbing in the film. Matter of fact, I think nearly every line I had was enhanced with ad-libs, especially in the car. I’ll never forget when we stopped all the drivers, who are supposed to get a massage and get naked (because that’s just part of a Roger Corman film, I don’t know why), but I had a strong dose of morals that morning and said “I’m not getting naked.” Roger Corman, who was heavily dressed at the time since it was cold, insisted that it is part of the formula to get naked somewhere in the film. Roger Corman is a real gentleman, I mean that, but I wasn’t dropping trousers for anybody, so I said, “If you want to get naked, I’ll join you.” Roger of course said no, and I ended up doing something in my Fruit of the Looms.
9. Mr. Stallone, In the David Carradine vehicle CANNONBALL, you and Martin Scorsese play mafia goons in a brief scene opposite the film's director, Paul Bartel, and a conspicuously placed bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken. To see the three of you acting together is a bizarre experience, made even more bizarre by what I think is dialogue improvised as the camera rolled. Whatever the case, it's a scene I return to again and again on the Blue Underground DVD. I just can't get enough of you and Marty trading lines with Paul, and that crazy chicken bucket in the center of the frame. What do you remember about the shoot? Was the scene improvised? Who brought the KFC? Thank you, Patrick Lefcourt Albany, NY
In CANNONBALL, Paul Bartel asked me to sit down with Scorsese and just ramble on about…. Bartel just did a scene together in an hour or so, I think just as a cutting reference or filler. The scene was definitely made up as we went along, and the chicken was supplied by Mr. Bartel, who I have nothing but fond memories of, a real gentleman.
10. Hi Sly, iam the senior tourguide at the graumans chinese theatre, when i get the chance i like to ask people who have had there handprints placed in the wet cement at the theatre if there are any storys they have that i could share on my theatre tour when i talk about there cement square in the forecourt. ive seen you quite a bit at several events at the chinese over the last few years but ive never gotten the chance to say hello. so my question is " when you were honored with a handprint ceremony at the Chinese theatre back in 1983 in connection with the release of Staying Alive, is there anything about the day that really stands out in your mind about the day. or is there anything that really stands out about any of the premieres youve had at the chinese?" thanks for your time and i look forward to seeing the LA premeire of ROcky Balboa next week up on our big screen at the chinese theatre on the 13th of December and hopefully ill get a chance to say hello to you in person. Levi
Dear Levi, The only thing I can remember was being surprised that I was there. Even today, I feel humbled by the experience. I wish I could remember something that stands out in a cinematic fashion, but really the most lingering memory is how I never successfully removed the cement from the edges of my beloved, black wing-tipped shoes. Thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the premiere of ROCKY BALBOA. Come up and say hello.

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