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Go PRIMEVAL In Glorious QuickTime!!

Merrick here...
Not so long ago, we ran the one sheet for a project called PRIMEVAL. You can see it HERE. The film stars Dominic Purcell (PRISON BREAK & once rumored to be the next HULK), Orlando Jones, and Jurgen Prochnow (DUNE, DAS BOOT, THE KEEP). Michael Katleman is directing (SMALLVILLE, TAKEN, and DARK ANGEL for television - he has a ton of interesting credits). It's about a bad-ass "serial killer" who is (apparently?) not human. You can click HERE for a spoiler about what it is. The film's trailer is now live over at Apple, which means you can enjoy it in all forms of Glorious QuickTime. While it's a very competent trailer & may make for a fun it just me, or does this material resemble about nine trillion other horror trailers right now? I think they're following some sort of template when editing these things...


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