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Spike Lee Revisits The L.A. RIOTS!!

Merrick here...
Spike Lee is returning to politically charged subject matter with the simply titled L.A. RIOTS. He's putting it together with INSIDE MAN producer Brian Grazer and scripter John Ridley. Logically enough, it's about the Los Angeles riots which erupted back in 1992 when white police officers were exonerated in court despite their videotaped pummeling of Rodney King. One of the most vivid memories of my life is the newscopter shot of Reginald Denny being bashed in the head with a cement block by a thug who proceeded to victory dance around his victim's critically wounded body. That's pretty tough stuff...the whole period of time was jawdroppingly surreal. There's a lot of material here for Lee & Company to draw on: racial/cultural instigators to be explored (what kind of rage drives Americans to turn on Americans with such fury? Where does the anger and hostility come from? Where might it someday take us?) If handled properly, this could be a rough and unpleasant ride. But it's probably a ride we need to take. REMEMBER HERE.


Or, if Lee's project does nothing for you, you might consider THIS ALTERNATIVE.

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