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EXCLUSIVE AICN Feature on APOCALYPTO & the effort that went into recreating the Mayan Civilization!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - Honestly I really hope there's an Art of APOCALYPTO book coming out. As a child that grew up with every Christmas vacation being a trip throughout the Yucatan Pennisula - going to pyramid sites and learning about the various cultures that left such amazing sights behind... Well to see this being brought to life so vividly - it's just a great treat. Can't wait to see the final film - but I must, as BNAT week is basically beginning. Oh yeah - the book. I am really curious to see all the various designs that they went through to get to the final look. Here's a good feature that Disney gave AICN to show y'all a glimpse at the amazing work that went into this remarkable film. Here ya go...

Featurette “Mayan Civilization” QUICKTIME 7 (H.264) High (640x480) Medium (480x260) Low (320x240) FLASH 8 (Progressive Download) High (640x480) Medium (480x260) Low (320x240) WINDOWS MEDIA 9 High (320x240) Low (176x132) iPOD .m4v “zip” .m4v iTunes (podcasts) PSP .MP4 “zip”

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