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Round #5 - Stallone keeps slugging out answers to the AICN Mob!!!

Hey folks, Harry here - it's nice to be getting one of these up early on the day it was due. Whew. Thanks goes out to Sly's assistant Celeste, Stallone and well - ultimately myself for coding and dutifully staying at my post to make sure I never miss a deadline. It's good to get the job done everytime. Here ya go...

1. Do you feel like your experience as a director ever meant you overwhelmed some of the other directors you worked with? Like the stories that came about with Danny Cannon and Judge Dredd? Jim Goodwin _London, England
Dear Jim, Yes. Sometimes knowing too much can backfire. Once you’ve been at the helm of a film and understand the basics of 101 filmmaking, you watch other directors with an educated eye. Its like if a film is going out of control, you want to contribute and quite often, a director resists any help because it usurps his power. I can understand this. I remember my first day on JUDGE DREDD when Danny Cannon had been chosen as the director. I knew there was going to be difficulties in communication between actors, director and crewmembers, and that’s exactly what happened. So I believe the film reflects that lack of unity.
2. Hi Sly, Big fan from the UK. I'm sure that I read many years ago that you'd bought the rights to 2 novels. One, if my memory serves me correctly was called a Hunter, about a creature that's been used as an experiment and escapes, and you were something like the worlds best tracker, hence getting sent to capture it? And also a novel about sabre tooth cats attacking a town if my memory is correct, and if so, what happened to those projects? Jamie – UK
Dear Jamie, I did option both these novels, for how long escapees me, but it was difficult at that particular time for such ambitious projects. Maybe if ROCKY BALBOA performs, I’ll be able to revisit that concept.
3. "Of all the films you have made, are there any of them you wish that you had not done?" Tom Cantrell DeWitt, MI
Dear Tom, Let me think…STOP! OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT, OSCAR, GET CARTER, DRIVEN, DETOX and certainly RHINESTONE, which I wish had been ROMANCING THE STONE.
4. Sly, Escape To Victory is national past time in England. What was it like hanging out with Pele, Bobby Moore and the England '66 Team? Thanks, Reni Manchester, UK
Dear Reni, It was a real eye-opener hanging out with professional soccer players. First of all, they had a serious zest for life. While I was crashing early to prepare for the next day’s work, this group of merry men could party all night, come home at the crack of dawn, and still run up and down the field like a heard of wild deer. Maybe it’s something in their water.
5. I enjoyed The Contender series 2 but it just wasn't the same without you. Will there be a series 3 and will you be directly involved? PS. REALLY excited about Rocky VI, yippee! Name: Alex Lamprey City: Cardiff Country: Wales
Thank you Alex. It’s nice to be missed, but seriously, I wanted to try to show an example of the real life Rockys and given the opportunity, some of these guys could rise to unexpected heights. I thought the first season was pretty good aside from the challenges, which I thought were unnecessary to show sponsor products. It actually hurt some fighters because they’d be exhausted or suffering from muscle strains or tendon tears. For those fight fans, two of the first season finalists, Peter Manfredo and Sergio Mora are fighting for world titles. Good luck, they’re gonna need it.
6. My question... Seeing you take-on the role of "Sheriff Freddy Heflin" in CopLand reminded me, and everyone for that matter, what you are capable of with straight drama, and how action of any sorts is not necessary for you to succeed. Thinking past Rocky, and now Rambo for a moment, DO YOU SEE YOURSELF HEADED MORE INTO THAT DIRECTION? Your age may of course dictate this type of move, but I want to know HOW YOU WOULD PREDICT YOUR ROLE SELECTION IN THE FUTURE? Big fan my brother. Sincerely, Dan in Ohio
Dear Dan, There’s nothing I like more than ensemble acting and there is something in the future that could be very interesting, I don’t want to spill the beans now, but it will cover many bases; drama, action and an interesting message at the end. But mostly I’d enjoy writing and directing in the future.
7. Mr. Stallone, over the years, you have made or starred in many great movies. Was there ever a movie or a character that you regret passing over or not doing? Is there a dream project that you'd like to do? Thank you. Preston Melton Fairhope, Alabama
Dear Preston, Yes, there are several films I missed out on and wished I’d done: COMING HOME, WITNESS and SEVEN. Hopefully, someday I will do a film about the life of Edgar Allan Poe.
8. Sly, _ Thanks in advance for bringing back Rocky and Rambo !!! Now, are there any plans to have Frank the Repairman make a return appearance on NBC's "Las Vegas"? Also, in regards to TV, would you ever entertain the idea of a weekly drama series like "Las Vegas"? -Chris Szarek _Chicopee, MA
Dear Chris, No, I think Frank the repairman has been relegated to the character scrap heap. It was fun doing it, but it was more of a favor to my good friend Jimmy Caan. Seeing how hard Jimmy works on LAS VEGAS and the amount of hours one must dedicate to a weekly drama, I believe I prefer to stay in my office and write and try and come up with interesting ideas.
9. What are your favorite movies and/or musicians???? from: Electric Birdman.
I like a lot of films from the 70s. I don’t like to speak specifically because sometimes people get offended. But, my taste runs from THE GODFATHER to JULIEN DONKEY-BOY, so it’s hard to pin me down on that subject.
10. How did it feel to work with Peter Petrelli (aka Milo Ventimiglia)? Did Peter "absorb" any of Sly's powers during the filming of Rocky Balboa? From: Kiki - Des Moines, IA
Dear Kiki, You must land your spaceship and discuss this practically. Obviously Peter borrowed heavily from ROCKY BALBOA, who is an inbred, druid outcast from Stonehenge whose specialty is weaving whistle chains and leaping face down onto pointed objects. Thanks for asking.

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