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AICN Anime - Hellsing Ultimate Give-Away

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Today, December 5th, Geneon is releasing one of the most anticipated anime titles of the year, Hellsing Ultimate. With creator Kouta Hirano and fans expressing mixed emotions regarding the previous Hellsing anime, production of a new adapation of the blood drenched horror/action manga was moved to Satelight. The results were not just more faithful to Hirano's manga, but took an innvative approach for integrating the feel of manga into a work of anime. For more indepth thoughts see the AICN preview here. To see other previews, Geneon has launched a site for the anime at and a trailer can be seen here. AICN has three copies of the anime to give away. To enter the drawing, send an e-mail to between December 5th and 12th.
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