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HITMAN Is Finally Greenlit! But Vin Diesel Got Whacked!!

Hey, everyone. ”Moriarty” here. I’ve played a bit of HITMAN, the Eidos game that inspired this film, and it’s fun. Like any game-to-film adaptation, though, there’s a lot of heavy lifting required to turn it into a narrative worth watching. And it looks like Skip (SWORDFISH) Woods has nailed it. At least, whatever he just turned in has finally gotten the film a greenlight. For a while now, Vin Diesel is the name that’s been attached to the film as star. Nope. It’s Timothy Olyphant instead. And, frankly, I think that’s awesome casting. I’m a huge fan of DEADWOOD, I can’t wait to see him play another growling, deadly sonofabitch. Luc Besson has just come aboard the film to co-produce along with Chuck Gordon, Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter, and the film should be in theaters as early as next fall from 20th Century Fox. I love the Besson-produced action films that Fox has been releasing the last few years. I wish he was directing more often, but I don’t really care who’s behind the camera as long as the films maintain that same standard of kick-assery, and this one provides at least the opportunity for more of the same. Fingers crossed.

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